Top 5 Moments of May 2023

May has been a month to remember within the army community. With multiple changes in the server map, several wars taking place, and a tournament concluding, the month has been nothing but eventful.

Top 5 Moments

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As how it is done every month, the Club Penguin Armies staff team came together and hosted an internal vote for what we believed to be the ‘Top Five Moments’ of May 2023. This includes moments that have resulted in a significant impact on the community as a whole, during the entirety of the month.

5. AustinFraud and Coolguy Join ACP Leadership

Written by: Aubz 

Amidst the chaos of the Sapphire Concordat war versus the Dark Vikings, the Army of Club Penguin was making strides of their own, inducting two new leaders for the first time since 2021. Austinfraud and Coolguy joined the army’s leadership on the 29th of May. Coolguy has been in the army community since 2011. He was Special Weapons and Tactics‘ longest-serving leader and later on, earned the title of Legend within the army. Only recently, he moved his army goals to the Clovers, and will now serve as part of their leadership.
Austin, who is a notable member of the AUSIA timezone has led several armies in his time in the community most notably his time in Elites and Fire Warriors. He later joined the Clovers as their AUSIA commander and has worked his way up to a full leader within the army. Congratulations, once again to both of them and it will be interesting to see what they bring to the table as Leaders in the Army of Club Penguin.

AustinFraud and Coolguy inducted as Leaders in the Army of Cub Penguin


Written by: Disha

Referring to it as the War of Unfinished Business, the Army of Club Penguin declared war on the Special Weapons and Tactics on the 29th of May. Their conflict continues since last year December when the Clovers teamed up with the Dark Vikings and the Templars to form the Circus Alliance against the Agents in the War of Troubled Allies. Although there was no official reason mentioned for the declaration of war this time, one can figure that the Clovers wanted to continue the war from where they left off earlier.
Just a day after the declaration, the leadership of Special Weapons and Tactics made an official statement, stating that they would be withdrawing from the Club Penguin Armies map. Given the fact that the Agents were already involved in the Bloodbath Barrage war against the Dark Vikings as part of the Sapphire Concordat, the army mentioned that they wished for this war to be their primary focus for the coming weeks. As a result of choosing to not get involved in the War of Unfinished Business, the Agents were subjected to a force treaty by the Clovers on the 4th of June.

War of Unfinished Business

3. Elite Guardians Return To The Community

Written by: Spinister 

As shocking news to the community, arguably, one of the most influential CPPS armies returned to the battlefield. This was none other than Elite Guardians, who held their last event back in 2021. The Guardian’s current leadership consists of Belga, Fitsuki, Josep, and Lass. They returned very strongly as they managed to hold a maximum size of 32 in their reopening event on May 4th, and were seen to be very keen to own land. The army fought against numerous armies to get some servers to their name. The Guardians, however, witnessed some failed attempts to acquire land, against the Penguins of Madagascar following the decision of the Penguins to leave the map, and the Special Weapons and Tactics, who quit the map, surrendering to the Army of Club Penguin.
They are currently involved in the Blue Sunset Alliance formed to fight against the Sapphire Concordat. The community has witnessed numerous moves from Elite Guardians to acquire land, however, they still stand at only 5 servers. Only the future will tell whether they will be successful to achieve their goals. Do you think Elite Guardian’s return to the community has increased the warfare, bringing the dry community back to life? What do you think the future holds for the Guardians?

Elite Guardians return to the Community

2. Sapphire Concordat Declares War On Dark Vikings

Written by: Mads 

The Small/Medium army community saw a boost in activity and attendance this month when the Sapphire Concordat Alliance, consisting at the time of the People’s Imperial Confederation, Special Weapons and Tactics, Napalm Republic of Afghanistan, Penguins of Madagascar, and Dark Pirates, declared war on the Dark Vikings for a multitude of reasons, specifically the actions of the Dark Vikings’ leaders. There were battles throughout the month of May, with the Sapphires crowned victors in every one whilst the Dark Vikings only showed up to a few.
The war ended in a force treaty when the Dark Vikings broke one of the terms. They targeted an army leader in a transphobic tactic, which lead to their leaders’ Club Penguin Army Battleground accounts being banned. Krosive, one of the current Dark Vikings leaders, believes the war is not over and attempted to schedule battles. For now, the Sapphire Concordat has engaged in the current World War with the rest of the community.

Sapphire Concordat Declares War On Dark Vikings

1. Help Force Crowned Champions of AUSIA Arena

Written by: Coolguy

One of the big moments of the month came in the form of a tournament final, as the Ausia Arena came to an end. The finals saw two giants, Water Vikings, and Help Force, battle it out in a very close battle. With both armies maxing 46/47, the finals left little to be desired. Despite the close matchup, the Help Force was able to edge the win in the second room, helping them to win the finals.
The last tournament which the Help Force won was the Aces of Ausia tournament which was held in December 2020. This win makes it a total of 2 back-to-back wins in Ausia tournaments for the army. It’s clear that the Help Force is a powerhouse in Ausia tournaments even three years on from their last win. However, they also reached the March Madness finals in 2022, proving that Ausia isn’t their only strong division. Congratulations, once again to the Help Force for obtaining the Ausia Arena winner’s pendant.

Help Force wins AUSIA Arena 2023

As another month comes to an end, the question arises about what June shall hold for the army community. Will it be a month with little to no activity or will it be another month that is full of surprises? What are the top moments in May for you, and why are they so? 

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