Goodbye Skipper: Sweater Announces Retirement From POM; Rejoins SWAT Leadership

On June 3rd, Sweater announced his retirement from the Penguins Of Madagascar. His retirement came right alongside the Sapphire Concordat alliance declaring victory in their war against the Dark Vikings.

Sweater Retirement

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Sweater joined the army community in 2013, as a Special Weapons And Tactics recruit. He eventually reached Fourth in Command in SWAT, but left armies after the shut down of Club Penguin in 2017. He returned to the community in 2020, to revive SWAT alongside other leaders. Sweater went on to lead the army to huge sizes, maxing 70+ consistently. Despite moving on to other armies like the Fire Warriors, the revival period of SWAT remains his most successful leadership.

For a while, Sweater drifted through armies like People’s Imperial Confederation, and even made a brief reappearance at SWAT. However, on April 28th, Sweater officially joined the Penguins Of Madagascar. His induction came at the hands of existing leaders Rye Bread and Logical. Moreover, upon his induction, he set a goal of improving POM and transforming it into a major army.

One of the highest maxing POM events during Sweater’s reign

During Sweater’s leadership, the Penguins of Madagascar declared war against the Dark Vikings. The army joined forces with the Sapphire Concordat, alongside many other Small/Medium armies. In their declaration, they condemned the Vikings’ blatant support towards known doxxers and inappropriate behavior.

During the war, POM dominated most of the battles with superior numbers, thanks to their allies. Moreover, the minimal resistance offered by the Dark Vikings’ played a part in their victories too. Eventually, the war concluded with all of the Sapphire Concordat armies declaring victory. Sweater posted a force treaty imposed by the POM upon the Dark Vikings, titled the “Treaty of the Nordic Negligent Narcissists”.

The treaty of Nordic Negligent Narcissists

In the same message as the victory declaration, Sweater announced his retirement from the army in the POM Discord server. However, this retirement was not a departure from the community. Soon, Sweater announced his return to his home army SWAT in their Discord server. Following the spread of this news, several POM HCOM and Staff members stepped down from their roles. Some of them followed Sweater, while the rest moved on to other armies.

It seems that the future of the Penguins Of Madagascar is quite murky. Soon after the news of his defection to SWAT, infighting erupted in POM’s general chat. In the midst of this drama, SWAT announced their war declaration against the Blue Sunset Alliance. It would appear that Sweater has returned to his home army in its time of need, to help out with their war. In his return announcement, he also welcomes the POM members who followed him to SWAT.

Sweater’s return announcement in the SWAT Discord server

The Club Penguin Armies team reached out to Sweater for an interview regarding his retirement, and newfound leadership role in SWAT.

What are the main reasons for your retirement from POM?

When you hear that your home army is going to war and needs help, you answer like it’s the bat signal. I like POM but that’s the main reason I left alongside some staff concerns that I unfortunately couldn’t fix for them.

Could you tell us something about your goals as a new leader of SWAT?

My only goal is to win

Do you plan to stay in SWAT for the time being, or do you plan on coming back to POM once the war is resolved?

I don’t plan on returning to POM, because if I did it would only be for the staff members and great connections I’ve made. But as it turns out, as soon as I announced I’m leaving they wanted to come with me, so there is no reason to.

Any final message for the readers?

I am glad that the community is at war again, and it’s not ‘serious’ serious. I think a LOT of armies are out of shape battle-wise and this will be a nice return to form for many of us. Good luck everybody involved, and of course have fun ♡

Sweater seems to be content with his return to his home army. With the ongoing World War IX, he definitely has a lot of responsibilities to fulfill in his new leadership role. Meanwhile, this series of incidents casts a shadow over the future of POM. With the departure of several staff members, could this be the end for the Agents? No one can predict the future as of now. Club Penguin Armies extends our best wishes to both Sweater and the Penguins Of Madagascar for their future.

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