Help Force Announces Plans To Support Army Of Club Penguin In World War IX

On June 2nd, the Help Force announced their plans to support the Army Of Club Penguin in the impending World War IX. However, the Help Force insists on doing so without declaring war on any of the opposing armies.


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UPDATE: Recent events have revealed the Sapphire Concordat’s plans to join the war. This topic will be covered in a future post.

On June 1st, the Rebel Penguin Federation, Water Vikings and Elite Guardians declared war on the Army of Club Penguin. Moreover, the three armies formed an alliance and christened it the Blue Sunset Alliance. Their war originated from the Special Weapons And Tactics surrendering to the Clovers, which could potentially leave the Clovers with all of SWAT’s empire. However, the Blue Sunset Alliance’s main reason for the war revolves around ACP Leader Calgo‘s alleged aggressive, expansionist policies and his imperialistic nature.

The war declaration of the Blue Sunset Alliance included a term that prohibited the participation of external armies in the conflict. However, on June 2nd, Club Penguin Armies issued a statement 10 hours after the alliance’s war declaration. Chief Executive Producer Wynn announced the administration’s decision to revoke the term prohibiting ACP from using allies.


Administrator Wynn’s statement

Amidst the controversy, speculations arose regarding the involvement of the Help Force. The Help Force found itself in an awkward position because they had alliances with armies on both sides of the war. Furthermore, one of their commanders, Desireus, recently announced intentions to retire from the army. Consequently, this would leave them with only one leader, which is not considered ideal for a World War.

Shortly after the administration’s statement released, the Helpers revealed their plans on which side they would support. Help Force Commander Rooboo publicly declared his support for the Clovers in a Discord announcement. However, he clarified that the Help Force would not engage in direct warfare against any of the armies in the Blue Sunset Alliance. It seems that the Help Force intends to fight this war from behind the Clovers’ shields.


Rooboo’s announcement

The reason behind the decision of the Help Force to remain in the shadows seems to be their anteceding alliances. The Water Vikings and the Help Force have been allies since quite a long time now. Moreover, the two even fought together against SWAT in August 2022. However, the alliance between the Elite Guardians and the Helpers is quite new.

Help Force facing off the Water Vikings in the AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition finals

The Help Force has taken steps to ensure the satisfaction of all their allies. Recently, the Help Force successfully secured their victory in the AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition tournament. Hence, it can be concluded that their support will greatly benefit both sides. To find out more about what their allies think of this move, we reached out to Mabel, Water Vikings Leader, Army of Club Penguin’s Commander Calgo, and Fitsuki, The Elite Guardians’ leader.

Mabel: As much as it hurts to see our allies, Help Force, choose sides in this war between allies and brother allies, we are understanding of why they did so. However, we are supportive of the decision at least for them to not declare war on us, just send their staff and troops to accompany their brother allies in this war. In no way am I personally myself offended by these actions, as I can understand why. Can’t speak for the other leaders though.

Calgo: I cannot stress this enough. ACP and I are extremely lucky and fortunate to have brother allies who have always been extremely supportive of us and caring. For the duration of my leadership I have never had one bad experience with HF and their leaders have gone above and beyond for us always facilitating ways for us to build each other up as allies, brothers, and most importantly friends. ROOBOO and Des set the standard for what I want to aim to be one day as a leader in terms of their positivity and treatment of others.
I will forever preach that no one will find an alliance as closely knit as HF and ACP as we have always poured our all into cultivating a deep relationship between our two communities that goes far deeper than any other typical alliance. Just as HF is coming to our aid, if anyone dares to try and target them we will come to their aid without a second of hesitation because we are brothers and we bleed blue and green.

Fitsuki: The Help Force’s support for ACP was to be expected, after all, they are brother allies. We were already prepared for this to happen, so it was no surprise. We understand their situation and we are not going to antagonize them. Regardless, we will keep fighting with all we’ve got.

The Club Penguin Armies team decided to interview Help Force leader Rooboo to extract more details regarding his stance in this war.

What is the Help Force’s motivation in this war?

ACP has helped HF in the midst of HF’s dust before hence we’ll always remain loyal to them. We aren’t involved in the conflict as in the reasons, we’re joining them to help them as an army and for the spirit of competition and hype.

What does this mean for your relations with Water Vikings and the Elite Guardians?

We’re on good terms with both and we’re also loyal to them because an army like EGCP has had similar destinations in the journey like HF. Ayan and Edu went through hard time times and will forever remember their support during that time. As mentioned, this is for hype and spirit of competition but we’re on good terms with them.

Do you plan on solo leading the army through the World War?

Desi will retire but will but he’ll help with the war as if he didn’t retire because we were informed of a war before and he postponed his retirement then the war got abandoned then he announced his retirement then ACP went to war and asked us. Apart from that, additions are to be added to the team soon as well!

How will you ensure dominance on the battlefield?

Of course! We’ll give it all out as if it’s us in war because it really is. We stand with ACP as if it’s us. We’ll inform all our troops for invasions and we’ll give our absolute best.

Based on the interview, we can conclude that the Help Force is eager to join the war. Despite their reluctance to declare on their allies, Rooboo makes it clear that the Help Force will treat this war as their own. Will their decision to stand with ACP help the Clovers win this war? Who do you believe will emerge victorious in World War IX?

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