Blue Thunderbolt: Sapphire Concordat And Templars Enter World War IX

Following their victory in their war with the Dark Vikings, the Sapphire Concordat declared war on the Blue Sunset Alliance. The Templars soon followed suit, announcing their own war against the Blue Sunset Alliance. These new war declarations are the harbingers of World War IX. You can view live updates regarding the World War on our website.

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The Special Weapons And Tactics and the People’s Imperial Confederation founded the Sapphire Concordat alliance on May 22. The alliance found its roots in SWAT and PIC’s war declaration against the Dark Vikings. Soon, the Penguins Of Madagascar, Napalm Corps and the Dark Pirates joined the alliance as well. These five armies participated in the Bloodbath Barrage war against the Dark Vikings and have recently declared victory.

Sapphire Concordat

The Dark Vikings’ first battle versus the Sapphire Concordat

In the midst of the Bloodbath Barrage war, the Army of Club Penguin declared war upon SWAT. However, the Elite Guardians scheduled invasions on SWAT’s servers simultaneously. Both armies took each other by surprise with their jinxed invasions. The Clovers argued that they were trying to engage SWAT individually and did not seek outside involvement, as specified in their war terms. However, the Elite Guardians did not declare war upon SWAT and only scheduled invasions. Thus, the Guardians’ invasions went ahead without interference.

Sapphire Concordat

Administrative decision regarding ACP and EGCP’s conflict

Unfortunately, SWAT decided to focus on their war against the Dark Vikings. Instead of fighting two wars, SWAT relinquished all of their territories and exited the Club Penguin Armies map. This sparked off a fresh controversy, since SWAT surrendered the war to the Clovers. Some argued that since the Guardians scheduled invasions, they should get those servers. However, others claimed that since the Guardians never declared war, SWAT’s exit from the map should only benefit the Clovers.

On June 1st, the Rebel Penguin Federation, the Elite Guardians and the Water Vikings declared war upon the Clovers. The three armies dubbed themselves as the Blue Sunset Alliance. One of their war terms essentially prohibited the Clovers from bringing allies onto the battlefield. However, an administrative decision overruled this term because it would be unfair to allow only one side to use a large number of allies. Soon after the overruling, the Help Force announced their support for the Army of Club Penguin. However, the Helpers maintained their status as a neutral army, abstaining from declaring war on anyone.

Sapphire Concordat

Help Force’s announcement

Shortly after the Help Force’s announcement, the Sapphire Concordat declared victory in their war against the Dark Vikings. The Dark Vikings violated a war term concerning inappropriate tactics, resulting in a force treaty. However, the Sapphire Concordat was not done making the headlines yet. Right after the armies in the alliance released their victory posts, SWAT, PIC and NC also declared war upon the Blue Sunset Alliance.

In their war declaration, SWAT compared the Blue Sunset Alliance to the Black Ice Alliance. Both SWAT, and PIC in their own war declaration, defended ACP leader Calgo against the accusations made by the Blue Sunset Alliance. According to the two brother allies, the Sapphire Concordat exists with the aim to counter misconduct in the community. They claim that the alliance’s mission would be unfulfilled if they ignored the Blue Sunset Alliance’s actions. Furthermore, SWAT defended their decision to withdraw from the original war declaration issued by the Clovers.

Sapphire Concordat

The Black Ice Alliance invading Doritos’ capital Summit

Meanwhile, the Napalm Corps issued a simple post that only specified war terms without delving into drama. However, the Penguins of Madagascar remained silent about their involvement in this war. It is possible that Sweater‘s recent departure from their leadership, along with several staff retirements, might have exhausted their fighting power. In their posts, SWAT and PIC also mentioned the Templars‘ addition to their alliance in place of POM. Furthermore, the Dark Pirates appear to be missing from the reformed alliance. As of now, there is no official statement regarding their stance in this war.

Sapphire Concordat terms

The war terms imposed by the Sapphire Concordat armies


As expected, the Templars published their own war declaration against the Blue Sunset Alliance soon after the rest of their allies. Similar to the Napalm Corps, the knights chose to keep their war posts simple and drama free. The Sapphire Concordat alliance now comprises five armies – ACP, SWAT, PIC, Templars, and Napalm Corps. Additionally, the Help Force is also assisting the Clovers in their battles. This totals to six armies opposing the three involved in the Blue Sunset Alliance.

Three battles have occurred in the war so far. The first invasion, scheduled by the Guardians, resulted in a default win for them since the Clovers did not show up. In the second battle, the Sapphire Concordat, formed merely an hour before, attempted to invade the Water Vikings territory. However, the battle resulted in a 2-1-0 victory for the Vikings. In the third battle, the Water Vikings successfully invaded the server Ryback.

Sapphire Concordat

Water Vikings’ invasion of Ryback vs the Sapphire Concordat

To find out more about this war, Club Penguin Armies reached out to the leaders of SWAT, Templars, PIC and Napalm Corps for an interview.

Do you think the Blue Sunset Alliance could become the next Black Ice Alliance if they win this World War?

Cabin, Napalm Corps leader: Win or lose, there is the chance that the Blue Sunset Alliance will exist after the war. However, it is too early in the war to make a definitive answer.

Dawn, Templars leader: I think that it will become the next BIA which is more the reason to destroy them while we have this opportunity.

Sidie, PIC leader: If they were to win I have no doubt in my mind that the Blue Sunset Alliance would serve as a neo-BIA. I’ve made it very clear in PIC’s declaration that we oppose any attempts to restore the former status quo, as it served to be an immense detriment to the broader community. There is no way for me to see into the minds of Blue Sunset and determine whether that is their intent or not. However, the potential consequences of inaction are not a risk we are willing to take.

Sweater, SWAT leader: Many people remember BIA as being RPF & IW and often forget that there was a third entity, DW, who I thoroughly believe were the #1 army coming out of CPO. The current Blue Sunset Alliance consists of WV, who have been on an absolutely insane run at the moment, EGCP who are back & hungrier than ever and RPF, easily the #1 army of the CPPS era, maybe even of all time. The 2 alliances share a lot of similarities in that individually they extremely powerful, but together they were near enough unstoppable. If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is likely a duck. Despite that, I will answer no. I don’t think they will become the next BIA, because I think they have already become BIA 2.0.

Are there any chances of more raids occurring if one of the armies decides to host training sessions?

Cabin, Napalm Corps leader: I believe that there will be more raids from both sides as the war goes on.

Dawn, Templars leader: More than likely raiding will occur at some point during the war, like when ACP raided WV. Raiding is a normal thing to happen so that just makes the training more fun.

Sweater, SWAT leader: I don’t see trainings happening at all, the schedule is far too packed. But possibly, I think raiding is a healthy part of war and is a lot of fun.

Sidie, PIC leader: Raids would never be out of the question, though I seriously doubt either army will be holding regular training sessions during a conflict in which time is of essence.

What is your plan to ensure that your side secures victory in this war?

Sweater, SWAT leader: I can’t dive into specifics for obvious reasons, but I believe we could employ a similar strategy to last war in which the best army leaders of each army work to lead battles together. In BB, Sidie9 & I took over leading for the Dark Pirates as their leaders were inexperienced and that worked out really well. However, our new members aren’t like DP so this likely won’t be necessary. From my individual army, we can of course up the recruiting and mentoring as necessary, but I believe the manpower is already there. I think the best thing we can do is to keep the war fun, the minute this becomes a chore we have already lost.

Cabin, Napalm Corps leader: I will ensure that my troops are attending battles and I will provide my perspective among fellow alliance leaders as often as I can.

Dawn, Templars leader: Our biggest efforts is going into our recruiting system now to keep getting new recruits. What’s most necessary in war is keeping troops fresh to help prevent burn out as well as making our battles as fun and hyped as possible.

Sidie, PIC leader: Win.

Considering the huge number of territories held by the ACP, how do you see this war ending? Will it end with complete annexation of the Blue Sunset Alliance’s empire, or will there be a peace treaty after a certain score?

Cabin, Napalm Corps leader: I believe that the map was not made for a war like this. There are too many territories on the map. More specifically, there are too many territories controlled by one army. As long as the war terms are followed, I do not see this war ending in any other way than a peace treaty.

Dawn, Templars leader: I think that the war will be a long one with BSA losing the war in the end

Sweater, SWAT leader: As I’m writing this there has only been 3 battles, so to say I’m still eager and optimistic would be the understatement of the century. In my current state, I’d like to say I’d love to fight all summer long – and I would probably have fun because my god do Water Vikings know how to make a battle fun. I would hope neither side is looking to end so early, but for the long-term I’m really unsure. The Club Penguin Armies world map is not built for this. There are far too many servers on the map. I mean, even if Army of Club Penguin, the titans they are, lost all of their defences that is still over 35 battles. It’s madness. I don’t see them taking our entire nation for this reason. I reckon a peace treaty will be proposed sometime but hopefully not any time soon, this is too much fun!

Sidie, PIC leader: It is unlikely that I could predict the outcome of this war. Things change fast. The result of a single battle could alter the morale of each side. With that said, I am confident in our ability to secure victory.

Any final thoughts to share with the readers?

Sweater, SWAT leader: I haven’t led a large conflict like this since 2020 when IW/Golds/DW/SWAT took on LT/DCP/UMA/CPPA, so I’m really looking forward to this. I also really love how this war is seemingly all fun and no drama. But to extend a little trash-talk, the Vikings only have 1 server so I’d like to say to them let’s not end this so fast 😉 – good luck & have fun everyone!

Cabin, Napalm Corps leader: Penguin politics aside, winning or losing in this community shouldn’t matter to you. If you are not having fun, I encourage you to retire. If you are feeling burnt out, retire. This war should be about fun to you. If it means anything less, do yourself a favor. I hope to have a lot of fun during this war and I hope other participants feel the same way.

Sidie, PIC leader: Sapphires are Forever.

Dawn, Templars leader: Sapphires are Forever

The Sapphire Concordat alliance looks confident in their ability to win this World War. It appears that we will have an eventful summer this year as well. However, since almost all armies are involved in the conflict, we also face the issue of a lack of unaffiliated judges. Therefore, it remains to be seen how the clashes between the two alliances will unfold in the future. Thus far, there have been no issues in the battles. We can only hope that there are no obstacles to the smooth progression of this war. Club Penguin Armies extends its best wishes to the war efforts of both sides.

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