Christmas Chaos XII: Grand Finals Predictions

With Round Two coming to an end, the last two armies have progressed to the Grand Finals! Let us see who the community has predicted to advance to the finals of Christmas Chaos XII!

The second round of Christmas Chaos XII has been concluded, the results of which can be found in this post – Christmas Chaos XII: Round Two Results. With the second round having finished, two remaining armies have made it to the next, and final round. These two armies are scheduled to battle this weekend, commencing on December 17. Let’s see what the Army Community has to say about this upcoming battle that will conclude the winner of Christmas Chaos XII.

On Saturday: 17th December 2022

Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Templars

History is repeating itself once more with seeing Rebel Penguin Federation up in the Grand Finals, but up against the army who had beaten their competitors from last year, the Templars. The Rebels are known though for doing well in tournaments, as we saw last year when they won the Grand Finals of Christmas Chaos XI. When it comes to the Templars, they are known for dominating the #1 spot of the Top Ten for several weeks now. The outcome of this battle will be an interesting one as many may question who will bring the cup home.

Rebel Penguin Federation and Templars at Christmas Chaos XI

Paddy, CPAJ Head Judge: Rebel Penguin Federation (2-1-0)

Superhero123, Army Legend: Rebel Penguin Federation Victory (2-0-1)

Aubz, CPAJ Judge: Tbh I would put my money on RPF, they are hungry after losing to the Templars in the Legends Cup and I know they are looking for a great rematch, this battle will be close though and I could see it going either way.

IceQueen1020, Ice Warriors Leader: My prediction would be 1-2-0 with a victory to RPF. I predict that both armies will have huge but similar sizes. TCP have improved their battle style this year and so I believe this would result in both TCP and RPF tieing 2 rooms. However, as we are aware that RPF are very much always in their prime during tournament season. I believe they’ll win one of the rooms resulting in RPF being the winners of CCXII

ROOBOO, Help Force Leader: Honestly I don’t have a specific prediction since both armies are so great and powerful. Both are solid in battles and just inspiring so I hope a great battle between both.

While much of the Army Community may agree with similarities on who will bring the cup home on Saturday, it can always happen to be proven wrong. This battle will be an interesting one to watch as these two face each other once more on the battlefield for many in the Army Community. As always, Club Penguin Armies wishes these two the best of luck on their battle this Saturday.

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  1. AhsokaTano24 December 14, 2022 (10:58 pm)

    Wow. Y’all chose RPF over TCP. I’m ashamed of you… Aubz, Icequeen, Paddy, Superhero. That makes me very disappointed

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