Master0 and Tide Hired Into the Mercenaries Leadership

Following the closure of the Lime Green Army, former Lime leaders Master0 and Tide are hired into the Mercenaries. It’s only been a few days yet only one of the new leaders remain.

Master0 and Tide were announced as the final additions to the Lime Green Army leadership. The Limes’ creator, Greeny, intended to shut down the army by the end of October. Both Master0 and Tide had made the Lime army their home over the past few months, with Tide never having joined any outside armies. Now, after the shutdown, the two have found their places in the Mercenaries leadership.

Fellow leader, Da Best

Unfortunately, there was trouble in newfound paradise. Allegations regarding Master0’s connections to former enemies came into question, thus prompting Master0 to step down before she could really carry on leadership duties. Since the announcement of the new leaders and future hirings, the Mercenaries have been relatively quiet. In fact, it has been two weeks since the last time the Mercenaries were accounted for on the Top Ten. An event on November 5 will be held commemorating Tide as a new leader.

Tide’s first event as Leader

Club Penguin Armies was able to get ahold of Tide himself to answer a few questions on where the Mercs go from here.

How did you come to the decision to join the Mercenaries?

I decided to join the Mercenaries because the Lime Green Army shut down and Night Warriors got defaced, so Midnight offered to give me Leader if I enlisted.

What are some goals you have, and how is it different from your time at the Lime Green Army?

My plans include helping the army grow and increasing our sizes during events.

Tide chose to give straight forward answers with the only goal of newfound success on his mind. Unlike the Limes, who were in the middle of a shut down, the Mercenaries are hoping to rebuild. While his initial plan to join the Warriors had unraveled, we can only wait and see how his leadership unfolds at the Mercenaries. Will the addition of Tide to the Mercs leadership be enough to help them rebound?

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