Strawhats Set Sail Into The Community

The Strawhats have made their way into the army community. They consider themselves the latest meme army and credit inspiration from a popular manga series.


Strawhats creators, AustinGreeny, and TD999, are not only veteran community members but also share a love for the Japanese manga series – One Piece. Austin is well known for leading the Fire Warriors to become a powerhouse in the Small/Medium community. Under his leadership, the Fire Warriors took home the trophy for Challengers Cup II. Greeny is the founder of Lime Green Army and a Small/Medium Army legend. TD999 created the Secret Service and has led numerous armies since joining the community in 2012. 

Strawhats’ flag

In One Piece, the main character Luffy wears a straw hat once owned by the legendary pirate, Shanks. Luffy and his crew embarked on their pirate adventure, which quickly became associated with the moniker of “Strawhats.” On July 27, the three pirate leaders set out on their voyage, hosting an opening event. Maxing 14 troops, the Strawhats were soon accepted into Club Penguin Armies as a meme army.

Strawhats opening event

Strawhats opening event

Upon first joining Strawhats, new members are considered prisoners until they agree to join the pirate crew. Austin clarified that new members “should obviously be a pirate or be a one-piece enthusiast.” When asked if they thought this was an act of troopstealing, Greeny’s response was, “We’re pirates, so does it matter?”

Club Penguin Armies chatted with Captains Austin, TD999, and Greeny to learn more about the pirate army. After ensuring an appreciation for One Piece, they answered some questions.

What are your ambitions as the leaders of Strawhats?

Austin: To have fun and let everyone know One Piece is the most extraordinary story ever told.

TD999: To terrorize CPA with fellow strawhat pirates and One Piece fans. MWAHAHAHAHAHA

Greeny: I want to demonstrate the power of the strawhat pirates.

Given your love for the series, which is your favorite One Piece season?

Austin: The Wano Arc 

TD999: Marineford arc 

Greeny: Enies Lobby

Would you throw a crewmate overboard if they preferred Pirates of the Caribbean over One Piece?

Austin: Nope, unless you hate adventures.

TD999: Yes, I love throwing crewmates overboard for silly reasons.

Greeny: Nah, Johnny Depp is the man.

Strawhats appear eager to embark on countless adventures, judging by their chaotic enthusiasm. Although meme armies are not permitted on the Army Board, we can’t wait to see what riches they unearth in their undertakings and what they serve to the community. 

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