Magma Clan Surrenders to Ice Warriors Following Merge

Just over a week after the Ice Warriors declared war on the Magma Clan, the Magma Clan surrendered. With no battles and the summer ending, Lukey has other plans for the Magma Clan. 

Ice Warriors declared war on the Magma Clan on June 17, after Lukey, Magma Clan’s leader, made a group chat with the NinjasLime Green Army, and Templars. He explained that the Small/Medium armies should declare war on Ice Warriors while Templars were at war with the Rebel Penguin Federation. After obtaining portions of the group chat, the Ice Warriors declared war.
Magma Clan desiring war with Ice Warriors

Leaked group chat detailing Lukey’s plan

On July 26, the war came to an abrupt end without any battles fought. Lukey notified the Ice Warriors leaders that he intended to forfeit due to “other plans that would break the terms.” He clarified that he planned to merge with the Special Weapons and Tactics and didn’t want to waste more of his summer with the war.

Magma Clan forfeits war terms

Lukey agreed to the treaty and transferred Magma Clan’s land to the Ice Warriors. The treaty will expire on October 26 and stipulates that any invasions against the Ice Warriors would be deemed invalid and the terms apply to any army Magma Clan merges into.

Ice Warriors force treaty terms

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Ice Warriors leader Dr. Queen for a statement regarding the forfeit.

We understand why Lukey ended the war to merge into SWAT quicker due to the limited time left he has on CPA. Even though many of us and our troops were looking forward to the battles, we are sad about it, but things happen—btw thx for free land xoxo.

Later that day, Lukey officially announced Magma Clan’s final event on Friday. He promised members would keep their ranks and have a more enjoyable experience resulting from the merge.

Lukey’s announcement regarding Magma Clan’s final event and merge with the Special Weapons and Tactics

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Lukey for an interview regarding the situation.

Regarding the “Hot and Cold War,” why did the Magma Clan forfeit to the Ice Warriors?

Well, it was against the terms for an army to merge, and accepting the forced treaty was my only option if I was going to merge.

What made you want to merge with Special Weapons and Tactics?

I’m friendly with Legoman and others from SWAT, and it felt like a good fit for us.

Why not wait until the war with the Ice Warriors ended before merging?

I realized that summer was ending quickly, and I needed to make the most of my time here before I went to college. Starting your own S/M from scratch in 2022 is no easy task, and I felt my time would be better spent helping an already established army.

What was your favorite memory in Magma Clan?

Probably the unboxing of a package sent to me by someone in MC. I received a very cool present.


Although the war came to an anticlimactic end, the Ice Warriors seemed understanding of the situation. It’s shocking to see the Magma Clan merge, effectively ending the war, but the decision promises to bring the army to new heights. Following this sudden turn of events, we look forward to seeing what becomes of the Magma Clan.

With that being said, we wish the Magma Clan the best of luck in all their future endeavors!

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