Animal Kingdom Returns From The Wild

An old army once more opens its doors, Animal Kingdom is back! While many consider them to be a meme army, they claim to be serious this time.

The Animal Kingdom was created on April 17, 2020, by Leila, Baishipla, and Pablo during Club Penguin Online days. Three days later, they were officially accepted into the Club Penguin Online Army League. The army was initially created as a fun hangout space for friends, and it continued that way. During a time when the Doritos were on a hiatus, Animal Kingdom was once again revived for the same reason, as a place to hang out.

Animal Kingdom vs Crimson Guardians; CPOAL

The revival was sudden. There was a ping in the army discord server, and people were making accounts to log on. They were able to get 10 people online successfully, and on July 4, they registered their army into Club Penguin Armies. The very next day, they were accepted. However, the CPA Administration decided that the army does not meet the qualifications for the army league board. Chief Executive Producer Max, offered the following statement:

The circumstances surrounding the foundation of this current generation of the Animal Kingdom led the administration to believe they were operating as a meme army. We have had discussions with their leadership and have been informed they are looking operate as seriously as the other armies on the army league board.

The next intake of army reps will be taking place on August 1st and a re-evaluation will be occurring then!

Animal Kingdom revival event

To find out more about this revival, Club Penguin Armies reached out to current leader Leila for an interview.


Why did you suddenly decide to revive Animal Kingdom?

Honestly to just have some fun with my friends. They’re all out of school for the summer so we decided why not.

Many people consider Animal Kingdom a meme army, what do you have to say to them?

They’re just jealous they’re not a koala. Nah, people can say what they want, we’re all people roleplaying as penguins so they’re at the same level as us LOL.

What plans do you have for the future?

No plans really, just to have some fun with friends and make some mems.

How is the army going to be different from its initial generation?

One things for fu**ing sure I’m not gonna be as cringe. I am so sorry to everyone who knew me in 2020, idk her anymore. But I’m definitely not going to be taking it so incredibly serious as much as I did as the first gen. We allowing swearing and everything in general etc.

It is clear from both Max’s statement and Leila’s interview that the army is no longer just a hangout place for friends, but is meant to be a serious army. How will the army fare? Do you think the army is a meme army or a serious one? Will they be able to get on the army league board next month?

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