Krosive Set to Lead Lime Green Army

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The Lime Green Army has recently welcomed its newest leader, Krosive. What can we expect from him, and what does the leader have planned for the army?

On June 25th, Greeny announced Krosive’s promotion to leader of the Lime Green Army. He stated that Krosive had finished training and would fill Greeny’s shoes once he leaves. 

Lime Green Army Krosive Inducted

Greeny announcing the promotion, with Krosive ecstatic over being leader.

Krosive’s army journey began when he joined the Templars in December 2019, and he served there until he joined the Ice Warriors in March 2020. In April 2021, Krosive left the Ice Warriors to lead the Medieval Warriors for a short while. He returned to the Templars in August 2021 before moving and leading Dark Vikings in November 2021. Krosive retired from his position in February. He joined the Mercenaries in April 2022 for a short time but relocated to the Lime Green Army as a Leader in Training when the army reopened in May.

Lime Green Army battle

Recent event of Lime Green Army against the Special Weapons and Tactics.

CP Army Headquarters had the opportunity to speak with Krosive for an interview.

How does it feel to be the newest leader of the Lime Green Army?

Epic! I have done a lot of work.

We’re you prepared for your promotion, or was this a complete surprise for you?

Ya I was prepared for it.

You were previously a leader for Mercs. What made you switch armies?

I was a leader in Mercs for a short time a while ago. I joined LGA as it’s pretty cool and chill.

Where do you see the Lime Green Army going under your leadership?

Hopefully, major, as we all put in a lot of work. 


Krosive seems to have a lot of plans for the army and is determined to make the army reach greater heights. As the Lime Green Army continues to grow, we wish the best in all of their future endeavors!

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