Great Knights Merge Following Opening Event

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Only a few hours after being approved as a new army, the Great Knights opted to merge with the Special Weapons and Tactics. What was the reason for the merger, and what lies ahead?

In the first week of June, Prince and Ninja Leader decided to team up to establish the army, the Great Knights. Despite not achieving ten penguins online, CP Army Headquarters waived the requirement stating they weren’t a meme army. Regardless, Ninja Leader announced that the Great Knights would merge with the Special Weapons and Tactics. The agents and knights decided to join forces after their recent surge in army activities to help them flourish again.

Great Knights Merge

Ninja Leader announcing the merge

After the merger, the Special Weapons and Tactics had another event that seemed to be promising. Although the official count is unknown, the picture obtained by the CP Army Headquarters team shows at least 20 penguins present for their training event.

Recent event by Special Weapons and Tactics

CP Army Headquarters interviewed Prince to learn more about the reasons behind the merger shortly after the army’s establishment.

How did the Great Knights form?

At first, I was in Mercenaries of Club Penguin for three months and had to leave for some reasons. I am good friends with Ninja and wanted to make my own army. Nevertheless, no one was taking Ninja in any army. I decided to take him for partnership and start our army. After creating the Great Knights, we worked hard and maxed seven troops online.

Why did you decide to merge with the Special Weapons and Tactics?

There were many reasons but gaining more experience was the main reason for the merger.

What are your feelings regarding the merger?

I was happy to join as Third in Command because I think I’ll get a lot of experience from SWAT.

What are your future goals with the agents and army leagues?

Yes, I will get SWAT back to its prime.

Do you think that the Great Knights will make a comeback?

Yes definitely. It is one of my future goals to revive my army.


This merger appears to be on the right trajectory. The combination of Prince and Ninja Leader appears to be a good addition to Special Weapons and Tactics’ wider objectives. However, Prince has not ruled out the Great Knights returning to action in the future. Whether or not the knights make a return, we wish Prince, Ninja Leader, and the agents luck in their future activities.

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