EXCLUSIVE: Administration Intervenes After Mercenaries Break Own Battle Terms Amid Red Ravagers War

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The league administration has intervened in the ongoing Mercenaries-Red Ravagers conflict after it was exposed the Mercenaries broke their own battle terms during the first invasion of the war.

The first day of the heated war between the Red Ravagers and Mercenaries has already sparked drama and discussion within the community. The first invasion of the Ravager’s empire was of the server ‘Bidet Land’ and took place earlier today, May 18th, at 11:00 am EST.

The Mercenaries were able to reach a peak size of 13 penguins and claimed the battle victory within 10 minutes, due to the Ravagers failing to show up. It was discovered afterwards that third-in-command ActionSpark had accidentally got the battle timings wrong, and hence the Ravagers were not able to battle at the scheduled invasion time.

The first controversy of the day took place immediately after the battle result was announced when the Mercenaries leadership released their recently invaded server as free land. This was no doubt to stop the Templars or Red Ravagers from invading it back and being able to force treaty them. The Ravager’s higher command was very vocal about the “unfair nature” of this strategy, labelling it an “endless war” if the Mercenaries were to continue with this approach.

But just as the discussion was coming to an end, army legend Mchappy shared information in the CP Army HQ general chat that the Mercenaries had in fact broken their own battle terms at the invasion. The term in question was the ‘no dual enlists”, with Mercenaries member Ninja Leader attending while also being enlisted in two other armies: the Ice Warriors and Medieval Warriors.

The evidence presented no doubt shows that the Mercenaries have broken their own battle terms, and because of this, the league administration has stepped in to invalidate the battle. The Mercenaries victory has been withdrawn and the server Bidet Land remains under the control of the Red Ravagers. With speculation that this could invalidate the entire war rife in community chats, the administration has concluded this is not to be the case.

The Templars currently have a free land invasion scheduled for the server Bidet Land, and so we will have to see if they cancel this now that the server is still under the occupation of their allies. The Mercenaries have also scheduled a second invasion of the Ravagers empire, this time of the server ‘Action’s AFK Farm’, on May 20th. The invasion has the same battle term listed, so will the Mercenaries make the same mistake for the second time? And will the Red Ravagers show up to defend their nation?


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