Mercenaries Declare War on Red Ravagers; Templars Join the Conflict

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The Mercenaries, Red Ravagers and Templars have found themselves embroiled in a three-way conflict. CP Army HQ has the full story and exclusive statements from the key individuals involved.

The Mercenaries have become the hot topic of debate over the last 24 hours after announcing their declaration of war against the Red Ravagers. This declaration was published alongside three invasions of the Ravager’s nation, and no explanation for why they were initiating the conflict.

The Red Ravagers were quick to respond on their Discord server, making clear that they would be defending their nation in the coming week. Leader BoMoBuddy told us that “MCP wants land, and RR is the easiest target on the map”.

The situation took a turn when the CP Army HQ administration invalidated the Mercenaries third invasion, of the server Chadden Milk Farm, due to the map rules only allowing for two invasions to be scheduled at a given time.

Hours later, the Templars joined the conflict by announcing they would be declaring war on the Mercenaries. In a website post entitled “Templars Small”, leader Nicky described his new enemy as an “iconic irrelevant army” that previously had labelled his army as small. He also cited the Mercenaries had banned members of the Templars from their Discord server and accused the army of cheating.

Neither the Templars nor Ravagers have scheduled any invasions against the Mercenaries yet, as the army does not hold any land on the CP Army HQ server map. Some community members have noted how quick the war could be ended, as any land claimed by the Mercenaries is likely to be swiftly taken back by the Templars and lead to a quick force treaty.

To understand more about their reasons for declaring war, our reporting team spoke exclusively with the leader of the Mercenaries, Toxic Storm:

So, why did Mercenaries declare war on the Red Ravagers?

We at MCP think it’s necessary for us to keep the excitement going and have fun, also we work on advancing as an army,declaring a war on an army that has land is one way for us to gain land and ingage in army warfare,we at MCP consider armies who own land are ready to defend it and we hope we can gain a great victory against RR

What do you make of the Templar’s recent declaration of war?

We do not want negative attitudes influence our paths, TCP declared a war on us on the claims of an alleged MCP member insulting them and because they thought that some TCP members got kicked from the MCP server. Their claims however are false, because the individual in the picture they posted is another army leader and was not or was ever an MCP member, and secondly we do not ban anyone if they did not violate our server rules, and I personally don’t recall any TCP member being removed from our server, TCP wanted to make war on us on baseless claims and MCP does not approve of their unreasonable action, the war with RR is our decision and they have no part to play in it and that, unfortunately, will only make them look bad being involved in the affairs of s/m armies. We only wish TCP could reconsider its actions and not interfere in what is not a concern for them.

With the first invasion of the Red Ravagers empire taking place tomorrow at early EU timings, the outcome of this conflict is truly anyone’s game. Will the Mercenaries be able to take on both the Ravagers and Templars or will both be too much to fight alone? CP Army HQ will be providing you with full coverage of this war – both on and off the battlefield.


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