Characterize That: Small Armies as Pixar Characters

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – It’s always fascinating to see how we can relate armies to cartoon characters. Based on the similarities in the stories, the characteristics of the small armies have been characterised to determine which Pixar Characters best suit them. Here are the Pixar characters that best represent the small armies.

characterize that: small armies pixar characters

Disclaimer: This list is ordered alphabetically. The descriptions represent the author’s personal opinions and do not necessarily represent CP Army Headquarters’s views. 

I. Army of Club Penguin – Doc Hudson


The Army of Club Penguin is one of the oldest armies in existence, dating back to 2006, and they have been dominating the race since their inception. Their good reputation and speed earned them numerous victories throughout many generations. They have seen many wars that they have won, which has always boosted their morale. The Clovers appear to be at rock bottom lately, but they are trying to recover, much like Doc Hudson after his crash. Nonetheless, other armies have developed a high regard for them and would undoubtedly want to be on Clovers’ good side. The Clovers will make their comeback and rejoin the Legends League in the not-too-distant future.

II. Fighter Pilots – Crush

FP small armies as Pixar characters

The Fighter Pilots appear to be a cheerful, extremely pleasant, and friendly army. Though the leaders of Fighter Pilots aspire to be legendary, their first goal is to ensure the safety of their members while also ensuring that they have a good time being part of a wonderful community. Crush, too, comes across as a cool guy, even if he claims to be young despite his expertise. Crush, like the Pilots, made certain that his companions arrived safely and were encouraged to complete their mission.

III. Mercenaries of Club Penguin – Jack-Jack Parr

On the other hand, the Mercenaries of CP are the new kids on the block. No one knows what to expect from them because their creation was only a few months earlier. Their first series of events, like Jack- Jack’s, convinced a few community members that they may not be mature, but they do have the potential and are unpredictable. The Mercenaries have appeared to find one new superpower after another over time, startling many with their increasing size. Who knows where they’ll land on the next top ten list or what their next accomplishment will be. The Mercenaries appear to be studying all armies and sprinkling their own ideas to improve for the better.

IV. People’s Imperial Confederation – Dory

The name suggests that the People’s Imperial Confederation is a lovely army that embraces its members and assists the allies in need, resembling the character Dory who is always seeking to be friends with any aquatic life. Although Dory and the Confederates show moments of clarity and brilliance, everything isn’t peaches and rainbows. Always seemingly hunting for their identity, the People’s Imperial Confederation welcomes many faces to leadership. Despite these situations, the environment is always warm and comfortable. The leaders promote a positive, friendly aura and goof around with their members, just as Dory does throughout her storyline.

V. Red Ravagers – Randal

The Red Ravagers had long aspired to be one of the great armies, but who could have predicted that they would be trampled? Randal, a quintessential nerd at university, had aspirations to become one of the industry’s scariest monsters. He saw his friend as his enemy after he betrayed him, much like the Ravagers accused the Silver Empire of betraying them. This led to Randall switching sides to get his former colleague dismissed from the company they both worked for. He rose to power the same way the Ravagers did, but neither could maintain their facade for long. Randal was deposed, and the Red Ravagers have fought countless wars, but their numbers have plummeted in recent months. The Ravagers are unquestionably tough and kind-hearted, and they’re working hard to re-establish their footing to return to the game.

VI. Secret Service – Jackson Storm

Like Jackson Storm and the next-gen racers, the Secret Service are newcomers in the army community. Their confidential knowledge allows them to stay current with their practice while also employing cutting-edge techniques, such as Storm’s usage of virtual reality in training to win. They’ve maintained a consistent line throughout every battle and race, and they don’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. Some may perceive them as arrogant, but that is only because, like Storm, they are good enough to have an ego.

VII. Silver Empire – Lightning Mcqueen

SE small armies as pixar characters

(before the breakdown in Radiator Springs)

Although the Silver Empire appears new, they have a tremendous following within the army community. They constantly try to prove that they belong in the big leagues, winning in key moments, like a pre-Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen. Their wins include solid showings in March Madness, Project Conquest, and victory in the S/M Free for All. The Silvers, like McQueen, disputed with former staff, leaders, and allies, which resulted in the most recent wars. The Silvers later formed a coalition and developed relationships that gave them confidence and a foundation to race again. These new feelings of maturity and experience are similar to McQueen’s change in mindset. Both the Silvers and McQueen currently have good friends who support them.

VIII. Special Weapons and Tactics – Horst

Special Weapons and Tactics is an army that has existed since 2009 and appears to keep a low profile as agents. They seem to be open but are also secretive, piquing the interest of many community members in their history. Similarly, Horst is one of those enigmatic characters that catch everyone off guard and leave them wondering what happens inside his head. However, his diligence and reputation as a chef stand unaffected, similar to SWAT’s deliverance in the last few years. Also, SWAT went through defacement due to internal issues, just as Horst left the job after discovering his comrade was a fraud. SWAT had a difficult time, but thanks to the support of their leaders and allies, they are doing well.

After browsing so many backstories of Pixar characters, one might start to wonder if it’s just the armies being compared. It could be the overall community favoring a particular style of armies. Possibly, comparing major armies to Disney characters and having small armies as Pixar characters is an accurate comparison. One will never know, but the comparisons are for each person to make either way. I hope you enjoy the comparisons above, even if you don’t agree with each one. In the end, it is not what you get from the world but what you give to the world.

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