The Future Plans of Armies: Club Penguin Battleground

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – We all have been anticipating the release of Club Penguin Battleground (CPAB) since Superhero123 announced the new project. Let’s take a look and see if armies will be making the switch to CPAB instead of staying on CPPes like Club Penguin Rewritten and Yukon.

On September 4th, 2021, Superhero123 announced that he and his staff team were in the process of making a new army-centric CPPS. Super’s last custom creation of Club penguin, called CPArmies, was a lifesaver for many armies. Rooms were way bigger to see maxes, and it was easy to get your specific army uniform with custom commands. However, in December of 2020, CPArmies shut down because Adobe no longer supported Flash. Adobe Flash was an essential part of running games like CPPSes. Many of the current CPPSes run on one of the two main formats: HTML5 or downloadable clients. Club Penguin Battlefield is planning to run on a client with HTML5. More about CPAB getting started can be found in an article covered earlier by CPAHQ named Yukon Releases CPPS Source Code; CPA Battleground On The Way?

Super’s announcement of CPAB.

The latest and most recent update we received was on January 28th. It states that the game is back to active development after switching the game development engine. As the previous approach could not meet the standards for a proper army CPPS – they had to change to a new one. With the recent release of a fast open-source HTML5 CPPS client, CPAB expects to open within the next three months, including a public Beta. No release date has been announced, but we anticipate good things with the sneak peeks the staff team released.

Army command – a sneak peak.


Battleground custom room – a sneak peak.


Battleground Start Screen- a sneak peak.

CPAHQ had the opportunity to talk to Coolguy, leader of Special Weapons and Tactics, DFGV (TheVersatile), leader of the Night Warriors, IceQueen, leader of Ice Warriors, and Xingleader of Templars, and ask them about their opinions on Club Penguin Battleground.

What CPPS is your army currently using? Why do you use that CPPS?

Coolguy – SWAT is using CPR. We use it because it was the best option when it came back as other CPPS options were too laggy or not friendly in terms of their services being easy to use – for example, the downloadable client CPPS (that we didn’t use). I think the answer to why we use it is probably the same as every other army who uses it because that is the platform we use as a community. Those who set themselves up on CPPS’ will become outsiders, with their army size questioned with concerns of multilogging.

DFGV – We have been using Yukon. It is currently the best option there is as it has a very minimal lag, high customizability, and is extremely reliable for large armies.

IceQueen – IW currently uses Club Penguin Rewritten. We have used it ever since it converted to HTML after the shutdown of flash.

Xing – CPR. It’s pretty good and hasn’t done us wrong at all.

Does your army plan to switch to Club Penguin Battleground? If yes, then why?

Coolguy – With CPAB, I think it’s inevitable that most armies will be forced to move to it if this should get up and running. We all know how CPA works, how leagues work etc. It’s just going to be the same as when CPATG was up and running, old rules brought back, changes to rules and regulations within leagues, etc. So, I don’t think it’s about whether we or anyone plans to. We know that it’s going to happen eventually. Whether we will use CPR still is a question for when the time comes. I’m honestly not worried about it now.

DFGV – This is undecided. We would need to know the terms if the game matches up with the performance of Yukon and so much more. Hopefully, the CPAHQ team will provide all the data to help us make our decision with great assurance.

IceQueen – It would be nice to switch to a CPPS designed for armies. That way, hopefully, we won’t have some of the disastrous stories of CPR mods striking again (especially during tournaments)! I’d have to discuss with my leadership team, and we’ll have to test CPAB first to see if it will be compatible with our army.

Xing – We will be switching, yes, but later than others. We’d like to observe first and see how it affects other armies.

What are you most looking forward to regarding Club Penguin Battleground?

Coolguy – Again, I’m not worried about CPAB now. The best we can do is focus on the present. If we look towards the future, we are blinding ourselves to what’s in front of us. So, I wouldn’t say I was looking forward to it, per se, because it’s not even in my mind. However, the name glows are always a nice thing to have, not just personally but to point out the leaders of an army. Hopefully, the stability of the servers will be a lot better.

DFGV – BartJester told me the rooms are customized to fit different armies, and there will be custom gimmicks for every army. So I am looking forward to that.

IceQueen – In all honesty, I’m probably looking forward to a bit of nostalgia from CPArmies. It would be great to have servers back and the game representing the army map.

Xing – I’m looking forward to our original uniforms from April 2018.


Although most leaders are excited to be on an army-centric CPPS, there are some downfalls. As a leader, one always has to make the best decision for their army and troops. One of them is whether the army at large is ready to make the switch or if the army should avoid the hassle of trying to create new accounts. Leaders have to worry about the CPPS running smoothly for their troops at events or tournaments. What are your thoughts on the process? Are you excited to see the new up-and-coming Club Penguin Army Battleground?

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