The Beep Beep Alliance: Where Are They Now?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Alliances are a huge part of armies, in wars or even just for friendships. The Beep Beep alliance was a joint alliance between five armies. What happened to the alliance?

The Beep Beep alliance began as an alliance between the Golden Troops, Red Ravagers, and Hold Bugs Army. Later, the Fighter Pilots joined, and then the Silver Empire, being the last army welcomed in. Eventually Hold Bugs left the alliance, leaving the other four armies together. The remaining armies grew closer, forming strong friendships. The alliance was able to hold one joint event. The main peaks of the alliance ended during the fall of Club Penguin Army Hub.

The Beep Beep Alliance’s joint event.

The Golden Troops were created on March 10, 2010, after a merge between three different armies. It has gone through nine generations, with the latest one ending in October, 2021. In May 2020, Honda and Max got together to create the Red Ravagers. They are currently being lead by BoMoBuddy. The Hold Bugs Army was created in July, 2020 by Sarahah, and eventually became a colony of the Ice Warriors.

On May 25th, 2020, Semi and Jenn created the Fighter Pilots. The Pilots established themselves as S/M army powerhouses. In September 2020, Frostty and Kelsey joined the leadership. The Fighter Pilots eventually shut down, but revived on February 5th, 2022, with Frosty and Kelsey leading the army.  Jimmy and Zach created the Silver Empire in April of 2020. They eventually inducted Electrumm as leader of the army, who was responsible for turning the Empire into a major army. 

The Beep Beep Alliance completely fell apart after the Ravagers declared war on the Silvers, in a post that can be read here. The Ravagers accused the Silver Empire of manipulating their staff members and troops. Following the Ravagers’ declaration, the Golden Troops also released a post expressing their disdain towards the Silvers. Below are the war terms from the Ravagers’ post:

The war terms, set by RR

Only three of the armies that were originally in the Beep Beep Alliance are currently active. Club Penguin Army Headquarters reached out to Frostty, leader of the Fighter Pilots, MermaidBri, former leader of the Red Ravagers, and Dman64w, current Silver Empire Second In Command, to ask them about the alliance.


How do you feel the alliance impacted your army?

Frostty: The beep beep alliance was a very very close group. In my case , FP, we would ask for help in wars or really any event and GT, SE, and RR would be willing to send troops over. FP would do the exact same if they asked for troops or really anything even if we didn’t ask they would still do it
  Bri: The beep beep alliance is probably the most iconic alliance RR had. GT FP and RR became and still remain really close friends. We always helped each other in any events we could and overall it was a lot of fun for me and the troops of RR. The relationships that stemmed from that alliance will always remain strong in both the army world and overall friendship. It was really nice knowing you have a group of people that always had your back and it made armies so much fun!
Dman: I’d say the alliance allowed SE to build closer relations with other people. All armies were “baby armies” when the alliance was formed, and that allowed us to gain the confidence to extend a hand and develop happy relations with other armies and individuals, be it now or several months ago.
 What was your favorite memory from the alliance?
Frostty: Honestly it’s gotta be that joint event with all the armies. when we all came together to do one event

Bri: Theres so many favorite memories to have in that alliance its so hard to pick just one so ima pick 3. The big joint event we had at the end of flash, the time jenn forgot to mute her mic, and the time we started messing with the leave and join emotes and frostty sent some particularly funny ones.

Dman: Probably our final event, when all armies came together for a big combined event. It let everyone lead together and we all shared memories made during the alliance

Lastly, if you could bring back the alliance with all 5 original armies, would you? why or why not?

Frostty: honestly if i could bring back with GT, FP, and RR i totally 100% would. That was the best small/medium army alliance out there that actually helped each other, rather then trying to take war on everyone and just be there for the fun of being in it

Bri: Theoretically I want to think I would bring back RR FP and GT. HBA was in beep beep for like 5 seconds so i’m not sure if we can even count them. However, FP and GT honestly made everything so much fun and stress-free. Other armies are constantly trying to get on top but with fp and gt we were just about making armies enjoyable for one another.

Dman: I think considering everyone it would be best to leave it dormant. A large majority of the people involved have moved on from Club Penguin Armies, and relationships always change between individuals. It was a fun ride while it lasted though.

According to Frostty, Bri, and Dman, the Beep Beep Alliance was a great alliance. With no current plans on coming back, we can view this alliance as a valuable part of these armies history. While joint alliances are becoming less and less popular, there are still many great ones in history.

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