Night Warriors Achieve the Major Army Status

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Recently, the Night Warriors moved from the “Small/Medium” army classification to the “Major” army classification. How did they achieve this accomplishment? How will this affect them?

On February 20th, 2022, CP Army Headquarters Associate Director Max announced that the Night Warriors became a major army. For the last three weeks, they met the requirement of having size points greater than 20 to join the group of major armies.

night warriors major classification

Max’s Announcement that the Night Warriors become Major

After eight years of inactivity, the Warriors returned to this community on January 22, 2022, as stated in “Night Warriors Proper Return“. Initially, DFGV, Tommy, and Exodia led the army. Later, they inducted Lyd as a commander, helping to increase their efficiency. They hold very few events each week but maintain high maxes throughout each event. In addition, as mentioned here, they were the first army to utilize Yukon, the only other HTML5 CPPS client, becoming the first to step away from Club Penguin Rewritten.

The Night Warriors at their revival event.

CP Army Headquarters had the opportunity to ask DFGVleader of the Night Warriors, about his army’s move to major.

What are your thoughts on Night Warriors becoming a major army?

I am really happy, after just four weeks of hard work recruiting, we have reached our goal. It is an amazing achievement which could not have been accomplished without our great leadership team consisting of Tommy, Lyd and Exodia. As far as I’m aware, we do hold the record for quickest transfer from S/M to Major in CPAHQ which is an added bonus.

How do you think this will affect the Night Warriors?

In terms of the army’s management, not much. We will continue to strive and work hard in order to ensure there is plenty of greatness to follow. However, in terms of the army’s presence in the community, we will definitely see an increase with a lot more engagement with the army as we have now established ourselves as a major army powerhouse.

After speaking with the Warriors, we see that their hard work has paid off. They aim to push beyond their current classification and grow significantly to rival other major armies on CP Rewritten. As seen by their work till now, it surely is a possibility. CP Army Headquarters wishes them the best of luck in these efforts.

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