Army of Darkness – a PIC colony, or a joke army?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Eleven years back, a young Sidie9 created an army called the “Army of Darkness,” the first-ever AUSIA army, to accommodate her timezone in events. However, Sidie created a Discord server with minimal setup, and she signed it up in CP Army Headquarters. But is this army meant to be a joke, or is it a legitimate attempt?

Most currently alive armies have a few AUSIA members or an AUSIA division. However, this wasn’t the case in 2011. Sidie9 had to face this issue in the Ice Warriors, as she couldn’t attend many events for them. Sidie and her friends decided to create the Army of Darkness to solve this issue. Unlike other armies, they accounted for timezones in Asia and Australia, a considerable population on Earth. Unfortunately, there is no abundant source of information about the army. However, the legacy carried on with other AUSIA-based armies like the Army Union and Heroes.

On January 27th, Sidie decided to sign up this army in CP Army Headquarters with a screenshot of ten penguins doing tactics on CPRewritten and a website. Sidie initially hired some Peoples’ Imperial Confederation leaders, namely Shallissa and Cabin. Later, she added DMT, Hidcre, and LEGOMAN to the sign-up request.

Army of Darkness revival event

Revival Event of the Army of Darkness

While the army seemed legitimate, they decided to push very few events forward. It is unusual for a new S/M army to attempt very few events, whether this is to balance their work in different armies. For that reason, the community largely ignored the army and classified it as a “joke” army. Generally, people create joke armies for fun, with scarce events and members solely from the army community. Initially, the community also classified Bose DK Warriors as a “joke” army. Still, they proved people wrong, as stated in “Joke or Genuine? Bose DK Warriors Open To Successful First Week“. The community is yet to see such an impact from the Army of Darkness.

To see if Sidie indeed created this army as a joke, CP Army Headquarters reached out to her to learn more about the conception:

The Army of Darkness revival is just for fun really. I thought it’d be a good laugh to revive my old army and host weird events whenever I feel like it. I would do a serious revival but I don’t have the time or energy, and PIC already exists so it’d be kind of counter productive.
As we can see, the Army of Darkness revival truly was meant as a joke. While it is possible to see a complete revival in the future if Sidie gets the time and energy, it is unlikely right now. If they start hosting regularly scheduled events, the categorization of a “joke” army may go away. Only time can tell, though, if the first AUSIA-based army does make a total return.

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