The Reds Clash: Fire Warriors Declare War on Secret Service

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Fire Warriors – Recently, the Fire Warriors have declared war on their former ally, the Secret Service. What led to these rising tensions?

On February 2nd, the Fire Warriors announced the ending of an alliance with the Secret Service. With this announcement, the Fire Warriors also declared war, with no reasons being stated yet. However, the Fire Warriors purposefully waited for the retirement of Secret Service leader, Kyle, before their declaration.

Sweater Declaring war on Secret Service.

Wwe09 founded the Fire Warriors in August 2007, and have left their mark within the community since. They’ve been resurrected various times, the most recent being December 4th, 2021. The Warriors have won quite a few tournaments, including the Challengers Cup II and CPAHQ’s New Year Bonanza.

Fire Warriors in Challengers Cup II

The Secret Service were created on October 20th, 2020 by TD999. Their first generation was short as they closed down in December 2020 but their second-generation saw success as they reached the semi-finals in Challengers Cup II and won a war against Sidie’s Rangers. They shut down once more on August 24th, 2021 but they reopened on January 2nd, 2022, and participated within the AUSIA Arena.

Secret Service revival event for their 3rd generation.

The CPA Headquarters reached out to both parties to receive statements regarding the war declaration.


Sweater: Secret Service are a punk army led by a bunch of new geners. Old man sweat is ready to give them a spankin

Pandor: Very ez win, I will single handedly destroy this old sweats and give him a spanking instead. (trolling triads)

Two former allies now turned against one another for unknown reasons. Hopefully, the community will soon hear about these reasons for tensions, and an answer will be provided. Will the community receive their answer? 

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