‘AUSIA Arena: Winter Edition’: Qualifier Round Results

CP REWRITTEN, United Media Headquarters – With the first week of the ‘AUSIA ARENA’ Tournament now at an end, it is time to see which three armies came out victorious and are moving into the quarter finals.  

On January 22nd, after weeks of preparation, this year’s Winter Edition of ‘AUSIA ARENA’ officially begun. The first week of the tournament started off with the qualifier round, where six armies battled it out for a place in the quarter finals. Let’s take a look at which armies were successful and are moving further in the tournament.

Water Vikings vs Red Ravagers

The first battle of the qualifier round saw the Water Vikings go up against the Red Ravagers on January 22nd. Recently, the Water Vikings have become a regular top 5 army once again. Whereas, the Red Ravagers only returned to the top ten again a few weeks ago, and were missing from last week’s top ten. However, the first battle was short lived, due to the Red Ravagers not showing up. Therefore, the Water Vikings won the battle after room one, with 25 members in attendance.

Winner: Water Vikings

People’s Imperial Confederation vs Secret Service

The second battle of the qualifier round did not disappoint, as the People’s Imperial Confederation battled against the Secret Service on January 23rd. PIC started off the battle strong, however the Secret Service soon fought back, securing room one with a 5 size advantage. People’s Imperial Confederation then started to pick up the pace with neat formations, whilst the Secret Service lost their size advantage as room two ended in a PIC win. Room three then became the most crucial room yet, with the Secret Service using their regained size advantage over People’s Imperial Confederation, their tactics and size also helped Secret Service win room three.

Winner: Secret Service

Silver Empire vs. Mercenaries

The last battle of the qualifier round involved the Silver Empire and the Mercenaries on the 28th January. Both armies began the battle slowly, however the Silver Empire soon started to pick up the pace. The Mercenaries continued to slow down throughout room one, and by room two their size fell from twelve to three. The battle ended with the Silver Empire winning all three rooms due to their size, neat formations and fast tactics. 

Winner: Silver Empire

The Winter Edition of ‘AUSIA ARENA’ definitely started with an eventful qualifiers round, as we saw two close battles with one of the ending in an unexpected win. Congratulations to all three armies who most certainly earned their spot in the quarter finals. The United Media will continue to bring you all of the latest updates throughout the tournament, and we would like to wish all armies the best of luck in the next round!

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