Who Would Win: Help Force vs People’s Imperial Confederation

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – After roughly a month, the column “Who Would Win” is back! For this edition, we will focus on the Help Force and the People’s Imperial Confederation. Let’s get started!

This past week, the Help Force placed fifth on the Top Ten and reached consistent sizes of 20 penguins. On the other hand, the People’s Imperial Confederation placed tenth, with sizes of 10 to 15 troops. In my eyes, the Helpers would win in a battle against the People’s Imperial Confederation. Even if the Confederation could pull off creative tactics, the Help Force could double them in size. Nevertheless, I asked some of our beloved Staff which army would win in a battle, and here are their choices!

Help Force’s Latest Event

People’s Imperial Confederation’s Most Recent Event

Spotty (Associate Director): HF would win as they’ve been one of the most consistent armies within the past year, having been in the top 5 armies of the week most weeks. Their sizes are also a lot larger than PIC’s which will help them to win the battle.

Sweater (Editor-in-Chief): PIC would win because I like them more.

Disha (Column Manager): I think I will have to go with Help Force. PIC is great when it comes to formations, tactics and speed. Nevertheless, HF would have an advantage of size over them, and would thus be able to cover PIC throughout most of the battle, is what I feel.

Cabin (Editor): Based purely on size, Help Force would easily win against the People’s Imperial Confederation. If both armies were more similar in size, then I believe the battle could lean either way because the People’s Imperial Confederation are brilliant with tactics and formations and so is the Help Force.

Myth (Editor): In a battle between the Help Force and the People’s Imperial Confederation, the victor would hands down be the Help Force. No offense to the People’s Imperial Confederation, yet when you face off against the Templars in Christmas Chaos and win, there’s no doubt that HF would win. Even with out that, the maxes of both armies are extremely different. The People’s Imperial Confederation is considered a small/medium army, while the Help Force is a major army.

Rach (Editor): I definitely think HF would win, not only because their major, they also have good maxes for events. PIC does have good maxes as well but I see HF winning if they would battle each other!

Scorpion Demon (Editor): PIC would win obviously, the power of Confederates is just way too strong and would overpower Help Force easily !!

Df44 (Head Judge): It’s a rather vague question, because both armies are very different and it would depend on factors like the timezone of the battle, seeing that HF has a strong AUSIA/EU division and PIC a strong US division. However, the answer would be HF for sure, and the reason is quite obvious: size. Although HF has been dropping sizes in the last weeks, they still manage to place themselves in the first half of the top ten for the majority of times. Without neglecting PIC’s ability to outnumber them, I must recognise that HF is more likely to obtain a superior size. Of course size is not the only thing that matters in a battle, but I believe HF would come out on top regardless.

Lightningmcj (Head Judge): I think HF would probably win. Even though HF has been somewhat isolated since Flash went down and is a bit of a wild card, I feel like everyone knows that they’re capable of great things at their best. PIC is also a very good army, but I don’t see them maxing higher than HF if the two were going head-to-head.

As you can see, most of the staff members think that the Help Force would emerge from the battle victorious! The People’s Imperial Confederation would’ve sure put up a fight, however mainly due to size advantage, the Help Force would’ve won. Would the Help Force have won? What other armies should be pitted against one another in the future?

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