Conor’s Retirement Gives Fire Warriors, Two New Leaders

HOT CHOCOLATE, Fire Warriors Capital – Not long ago, Sweater announced his retirement from the Fire Warriors, and inducted two new leaders – Real and Pran. What can we expect from the new leaders? What kind of an impact will both the retirement, and the change in leadership have on the army at large?

On December 21st, Conor (well-known as Sweater), announced that he will be stepping down from the position of Leader that he held at Fire Warriors. After having revived the army on December 4th, Sweater admitted that he made a mistake by doing so, and thus, inducted two new leaders – Real and Pran to take over leading the army, alongside Rach.

Sweater announcing his retirement, and inducting two new leaders.

Fire Warriors were created in late August 2007 by WWe09 and since then they have been through many generations and rebrands but have definitely made a mark in the S/M community. Besides the founding generation, their most noteworthy generations include the Roman Fire Warriors in 2009, and the Ninjas, in 2011, led by Pringle64 and Pochoma123. In July 2020, the army was revived under the name of “Fire Warriors” by Sweater and was led by him, Sammixfastx, and Sophy Bee, but shut down in late August, due to internal issues in the leadership. In late November 2020, a new generation of Fire Warriors emerged, when Skateboarders decided to shut down and rebrand to Fire Warriors. This generation was originally led by Otter and Ram Em but soon after, in mid-January of 2021, the army shut down due to Club Penguin Rewritten temporarily closing with the death of Flash. Just a week after the last shutdown in mid-January of 2021, Sweater decided to revive Fire Warriors once again. Under the leadership of him, AustinFraudKaosOt_terSimmonds2000, and Haley, the army was once again revived on the 6th of February, 2021. Their last generation can be considered to be their best as of yet, as they not only participated in March Madness and Legends Cup XI but won Challengers Cup II. For this generation, their revival event took place on the 4th of December, and since then the army has held multiple training events, whilst working on their staff.

Fire Warriors Revival Event – 4th December 2021.

Real joined the army community by enlisting into the Fire Warriors in February 2021. On March 28th, 2021, he was given a promotion to staff. Soon after he retired from Fire Warriors. He then stayed with them till mid-August of 2021 after which Fire Warriors shut down. Later on, Real was offered leader in Sea Serpents where he then led for 2 weeks until the army closed. A month later, he joined the Ice Warriors for a few weeks after which he retired. Soon after, he received Leader in Training at Wet Army Penguins. Real, then went back to the Fire Warriors where he was given 2nd in command. After the Wet Army Penguins had shut down, he then stayed in Fire Warriors to focus on his career there and got promoted to Leader.

Pran joined the army community on March 28th, 2020 where he was recruited to the Ice Warriors. In November of 2020, Pran joined the Dark Champions as a 3rd in command. He then helped out the army for as long as he could by recruiting and was soon promoted to 2nd in command. Pran then joined the Elites of Club Penguin in December for their 11th generation, where he was given 3rd in command. Before rejoining the Fire Warriors, he joined the Skateboarders as a 2nd in command. After having left the Skateboarders, Pran stayed with Fire Warriors, where he was serving as a 2nd in command before he was promoted to Leader.

Fire Warriors win against PIC in Challengers Cup 2 Finals.

CPAHQ was able to reach out to Real and Pran to know their thoughts on the promotion and their future plans for the army.

How does it feel when you became a leader for Fire Warriors?

Real – Fire Warriors have always been a family to me and have just been so kind to their staff and members. This is like a dream that came true I was a bit shocked because it was random and fast how it happened but I was very happy!

Pran – What everyone would say is that they screamed for joy or that they were surprised. I was sneezing this entire day tho(my head is dead and my nose is red), so I just nodded and thought, “Real, Rach, myself and the advisors will bring this army back stronger than ever. Let’s get to work.”

Do you have any favorite memories within the army?

Real – Probably the March madness. It was really fun to see them getting hyped about our first battle in the tournament when we were maxing 33+. And I can’t forget the times when we just chatted and hung out with each other it was fun all the time.

Pran – That’s hard to say, there was the time I asked conor whether I could join, all the way back in January, the Marvel week(where I was a nerd) and just writing any post for the FW website.

Do you have any plans to help achieve goals to bring Fire Warriors stronger than ever?

Real – Yes, we are hosting some events training staff to be more capable with staff duties and becoming future hcom and also working on the way the staff team works!

Pran – My philosophy in life is that we all just work as hard as we can for our goals, and the rest is up to whatever supernatural or natural force. I wish to help recruit more, motivate the staff, and hold more events than we have been these past couple of weeks. And no matter what, it is what it is, nothing is a loss.

Any encouraging words for the troops that wish to become staff one day?

Real – Work hard, (don’t recruit on the main account as I do), and PLEASE PLEASE don’t beg for staff it won’t get you further in a promotion. I also have a few final words. Song lyrics of Super Max:  Max Max Max Super Max Max Super super Max Max Max Super Max Max Super super Max Max Max Super Max Max Super super Max Max Max Super Max Max that’s it thank you.

Pran Don’t Be Like Me. joking, but for real, my personal view is that for any troops that want to become staff, you not only have to attend events but also care. Staff, no matter how much they’re named upon, need both the logical rules and emotional intelligence to deal with people that are annoying. Not everyone can do this, so if you can, you should exemplify this within yourself!

Anything else you would like to say?

Real – Work hard, wait for award. beans, carrots, lettuce.
Pran – Grand Admiral Mitth’raw’nuruodo(Thrawn) says FEAR THE FLAMES, OR BURN.
CPAHQ also had the opportunity to talk to Sweater, and know his thoughts on his retirement, and if he wanted to say anything to the new leaders.

We are aware of why you are stepping down, so would you like to say anything to the new leaders, and mention any fond memories that you have of the army?

Sweater – I will miss leading Fire Warriors but I just don’t have the motivation to try and lead it to where it was. I find myself enjoying league work as opposed to army work at the moment. Maybe things will change. Maybe it won’t. Maybe it will change but it just won’t be with Fire Warriors. For now, I trust Pran, Real, and Rach to lead the army as best they can whilst I cheer them on from afar.

With Sweater retiring, it seems that Real and Pran are ready to take on the leadership alongside Rach. Both of them sure seem to have a lot of goals in mind, for the Fire Warriors to accomplish and are determined to make the army reach greater heights. We wish the new leaders, Sweater, and the Fire Warriors, best of luck in their future endeavors!

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