Christmas Chaos XI Round Two Predictions

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters-  As round one of the Christmas Chaos comes to an end, we see four armies move into the semi-finals round. Which armies came out victorious, and have moved onto the semi-final rounds?  Read on more down below on what the CP Army HQ staff has to say on their predictions for round two. 

As the first round of Christmas Chaos XI has come and gone, a total of nine armies competed for a spot at the semi-finals round. This resulted in four out of the nine armies making it to the semi-finals round. In case you have missed round one of the tournament, click here to find out how it went.

Rebel Penguin Federation vs Help Force

To start round two of the tournament, the Rebel Penguin Federation is up against the Help Force. The Rebel Penguin Federation is currently placed at third in the Top Ten while the Help Force is placed at fourth. The Rebel Penguin Federation took a 3-0 victory, from the first round against Special Weapons and Tactics. The Help Force also took a 3-0 victory, from the battle against the Water Vikings. Which army did the staff of CPAHQ predict to win this battle?

Rebel Penguin Federation’s recent event.

DMT, Administration: Rebel Penguin Federation 3-0

Fusion, Administration: Rebel Penguin Federation 3-0

Max, Top Ten Committee Manager: Help Force 2-1

Spotty, Editor-in-Chief: Help Force 2-1

Rach, Column Manager: Rebel Penguin Federation 3-0

Sweater, Editor: Rebel Penguin Federation 3-0


Ice Warriors vs Templars

For this round we see the Ice Warriors go up against the Templars.  The Ice Warriors ware currently set at second in the Top Ten, while the Templars are at first place in the Top Ten. The Ice Warriors were able to take home a 3-0 against the Silver Empire. The Templars were also able to take a 3-0 victory against the People Imperial Confederation. Which army did the staff of CPAHQ predict to win this battle?

Ice Warriors’ CCXI battle with Silver Empire

DMT, Administration: Templars  2-1

Fusion, Administration: Templars  2-0-1

Max, Top Ten Committee Manager: Ice Warriors 3-0

Spotty, Editor-in-Chief: Ice Warriors 2-1

Rach, Column Manager: Ice Warriors 2-1

Sweater, Editor: Templars  2-1

It looks like this week will be interesting, with the top four major armies competing against each other for a place in the final. Which two armies will make it to the final round? Will the predictions from the staff of Cpahq be true or will be the other way around? Be sure to let us know your thoughts! 


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