Challengers Cup Round One Predictions

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- Eight of our well-known Small/Medium armies head into battle this weekend, Which armies will make it past this first round? The CPAHQ staff have their prediction for you!

Smart Penguins vs Elite Federals
One of the first battles to take place for the Challengers Cup is between the Smart Penguins and Elite Federals. The most recent Top Ten saw Smart Penguins place 8th whereas Elite Federals placed 19. Smart Penguins are currently in a war with the Golden Troops, Elite Federals have shown their strength but will it be enough to beat Smart Penguins? The CPAHQ Staff have some predictions for you.

Smart Penguins in a recent war battle with Golden Troops

 Director-in-Chief–  Smart Penguins (3-0)

Superhero123. Site ManagerSmart Penguins (3-0)

CrazzyHead Moderator–  Smart Penguins (3-0)

Fusion, Editor-in-Chief- Smart Penguins (3-0)

FunksSite Manager–  Smart Penguins (3-0)

Secret Service vs Skateboarders

The second battle in the tournament is against the Secret Service and Skateboarders. Top Ten saw both armies place close to Top Ten with Secret Services at the 12th spot and Skateboarders taking 14th. Both armies can prove to be huge and powerful but who will come out on top in this close battle. The CPAHQ staff have a second set of predictions for you.

SS in a recent ausia PB with the Water Vikings

 Director-in-ChiefSecret Service (2-0-1)

Superhero123. Site ManagerSecret Service (3-0)

CrazzyHead Moderator–  Secret Service (3-0)

Fusion, Editor-in-Cheif- Secret Service (3-0)

FunksSite ManagerSecret Service (2-1)

Fire Warriors vs Golden Troops

The Third battle that will be taking place is with the Fire Warriors and the Golden Troops The Fire Warriors placed 15th on Top Ten while Golden Troops held the 11th spot. The Golden Troops while in war with Smart Penguins and while they have their proxy army Post Malone Army in a war with PIC they have shown that they can still be a strong army. The Fire warriors recently said farewell to a leader, but that won’t stop them from showing their power. Who will win in this intriguing match-up? We turn our attention to the CPAHQ staff predictions!

A recent FW training event 

DMT, Director-in-ChiefFire Warriors (3-0)

Superhero123. Site ManagerFire Warriors (3-0)

CrazzyHead Moderator–  Fire Warriors (3-0)

Fusion, Editor-in-Cheif- Fire Warriors (3-0)

FunksSite Manager–   Fire Warriors (3-0)

The last battle of the First Round is People’s Imperial Confederation vs Dua Inn Lipa Fighters. PIC Placed 10th on the most recent Top Ten where DILF placed 13th. Both armies have shown a lot of power and we can’t wait to see the outcome of this battle. DILF is a newer army but we’re excited to see how they do in their first tournament. PIC is currently at war with Post Malone Army. The war has shown how strong PIC can be and we’re looking forward to seeing how this battle plays out. Now without further ado, the final prediction for round one by the CPAHQ Staff!

A recent PIC event


DMT, Director-in-ChiefPeoples Imperial Confederation (2-1-1)

Superhero123. Site ManagerPeoples Imperial Confederation (2-1)

CrazzyHead Moderator–  Dua Inn Lipa Fighters. (2-1)

Fusion, Editor-in-Cheif- Peoples Imperial Confederation (3-0)

FunksSite ManagerPeoples Imperial Confederation (2-1)


 As we see these eight armies battle it out only four can move on to the next round. We can’t wait to see how these battles go. Want to keep updated on the battles keep an eye on the discord server!

What do YOU think, do you have different predictions than the staff? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or in our discord server! 

CP Army Headquarters- Column Manager


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