Ravager Revamp: BaileyBear Retires, BoMoBuddy Steps Up

SNOWBOUND, Red Ravager Empire – The Red Ravagers recently had a massive turn of leadership with BaileyBear stepping down while BoMoBuddy steps up. What’s next for the Ravagers and what can we expect from BoMoBuddy?

The Red Ravagers were initiated by Honda and Max in May of 2020. They have operated well since the start making them a prominent S/M army. This was until they decided to shut down due to the dangers in the Club Penguin army community before re-opening on February 9th. They got to participate in tournaments like Fright or Fight, Aces of Ausia, and March Madness.

BaileyBear released a post titled Bear With Me: ByeBye BaileyBear where she stated her departure and words of gratitude. She came back to the CPA Community in May of 2020, joining the Dark Bandits. It was in DB where she met people who built RR with her over the past year.

BaileyBear declaring her retirement from RR leadership

CP Army Headquarters sat down with BaileyBear2020 to see what she has to say about her retirement.

What led you to retire from the Ravagers’ leadership?

I was ready to move on with my real life and get a job as well as a license. Also I want to consider possibly going back to college to further my education.

Did you create any special memories within the army?

Everyday was a special memory. Over this year I’ve had more personal growth than any other year in my life and many parts of that growth stemmed from the army.

What was your impression during the early days of RR?

I have loved the atmosphere since the beginning. The friendliness in RR made it so I never wanted to leave so much so that I dedicated the last year to protect that feeling from changing too much.

Do you have any plans after retirement?

We will have to see <3

Anything else you’d like to say?

Hopefully you’ll be seeing me again soon around the community and maybe in a different uniform.

But before BaileyBear departed, she promoted BoMoBuddy to leader. BoMoBuddy first joined Red Ravagers on December 19th, 2020. Just a few months of being a troop she got promoted to staff in March 2021 and in her first week as staff, she earned Ravager of the Week. Her hard work and friendly face made her High Command not long after. Displaying incredible leadership skills and the Ravager pride granted her the promotion to Red Ravagers leader.

BaileyBear inducting BoMoBuddy as the next RR leader while also giving praises

Now CP Army HeadQuaters sat down with BoMoBuddy to talk all about her promotion.

How does it feel waking up seeing you got promoted to leader?

It is another level of surprising. When you wake up to an alarm of discord notifications of people congratulating you, its scary and exciting and just, its something else man.

How do you feel being leader but also seeing Bailey retired?

I’m sad to see her go. Bailey is the one that recruited me back in December, she’s the reason I first met my beloved tea, and she’s the reason I have climbed the ranks up to leader in RR. She’s been one of the most helpful people to me, and I absolutely love her. I hope her retirement is everything she needs in life and more, and I’m glad she can finally move on from RR after being trapped here for over a year.

What are your plans for the army?

Ever since I became a mod for the Red Ravagers, one of my dreams has been to see RR grow into a major army. Its going to take a lot of hard work, but we can do it. We are the Red Ravagers.

What does it feel like starting from a low troop to now leader?

When I first joined RR, I was convinced I wasn’t going to get involved more than helping by attending events. I wanted to climb the ranks as much as possible, but stop once I started getting involved. Oh, how I so very horribly failed that mission, but I’m so, so glad that I did. While ranking up higher and higher in RR history, I’ve made more friends than I ever expected to, and I’m ready to see what becoming leader will bring me.

Do you have any people you wanna thank for your journey so far?

Oh so many. So, so, so many. But I don’t think you’ll give me enough characters to list off everyone, so I’ll just keep it short.

Bailey – for absolutely all she has done for me. She has given me everything I will ever need.

Tea – you’re the reason I became active in the army. The reason I applied for mod, the reason I’ve not retired already. You’re a light in my life, I love having you around every day

Jug – Jugulardish, you are the reason I work so hard every day, your passion and drive motivates me to work more and more for this army every time you’re around.

And then all the quick mentions, Bri, Scorp, Neha, Max, Xing, Honey, Kattle, Em, Kiddo, Baks (E6), Ramen, Zenuqe, and so many others. So, so many others.

I love you and thank you for your time. Do you have anything else you’d like to add?

I am no longer astronomically sad

Dread the Yellow. Wait no Red, Wait, No yellow.

We would like to give a congratulations to BoMoBuddy for her promotion to leader, and wish BaileyBear the best of luck as she embarks on another journey! Only time will tell what will happen to the Red Ravagers from this change of leadership.

What do YOU think? Will this change of leadership affect the Red Ravagers well? or will the Ravager Empire crumble from the loss of BaileyBear? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!


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