Challengers Cup 2: Information and Sign-ups

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- The Small and Medium army community has grown over the course of the summer.  What better way for these armies to showcase their skills than the return of the Challengers Cup?


The Challengers Cup was first hosted by Club Penguin Army Media in May of 2020.  The finals consisted of a close battle between the Pizza Federation and the People’s Imperial Confederation, which resulted in a narrow 1-0-2 (W/L/D) for PZF.  We are excited to bring back such a well received tournament, especially considering how the S/M army community has improved over the past couple of months.

Room One of the 2020 Challengers Cup Finals.

Challengers Cup 2 is set to begin on August 15th, 2021.  Like the previous iteration, this is a single elimination, week-long tournament.  Meaning, Round One will begin on the 15th.  The winners of those battles will move on to the Quarter-Finals, which will begin on the 17th of August, and so on until the finals take place on August 21st, 2021.  All battles will take place at 2 PM EST or 3 PM EST.  This fast paced tournament will put each army to the test, not only in their tactical abilities, but their consistency.

The judges for Challengers Cup 2 will be selected by our team of Head Judges alongside Administrative input.  The 2021 Judging Guide, which can be found on the sidebar, will be utilized.  All tournament battles will be hosted on our Discord server.


We are asking Small/Medium army leaders who want to participate in Challengers Cup 2 to fill out a sign up sheet.  This is so any issues can be worked out before the tournament begins.  If you are a leader and have any questions, please contact DMT (DMT#4402) on Discord.  This sign-up sheet can be put in the comments section below or sent to DMT on Discord.

Army Name:

Army Leaders (with Discord IDs):

Primary Army Color:

Desired Backup Color:

Due to multiple armies sharing similar colors, we may ask your army to dress as a different color to avoid confusion for our judges.  Please pick a backup color that is not one of your usual army colors.


CP Army Headquarters Director in Chief

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