Top Ten Armies [6/20/21-6/26/21]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- Whilst one staple of the community makes their last appearance, this weeks Top Ten welcomes four new armies into the fold.

1. Ice Warriors [+1] [77.06]

2. Army of Club Penguin [+1] [75.70] 

3. Help Force [+1] [73.89]

4. Rebel Penguin Federation [-3] [71.41]

5. Templars [+1] [53.65]

6. Special Weapons and Tactics [+2] [49.14]

7. Silver Empire [-2] [47.66]

8. Water Vikings [-1] [43.60]

9. Spartans [+2] [37.00]

10. Doritos [+0] [32.75]

<><><><>Close to Top Ten<><><><>

11. Fire Warriors [-2] [30.00]

12. Golden Troops [+4] [29.78]

13. Red Ravagers [+1] [26.84]

14. Smart Penguins [NEW!] [24.82]

15. People’s Imperial Confederation [-3] [21.00]

16. Thunderstruck [NEW!] [20.00]

17. Sea Serpents [-3] [16.34]

18. Crimson Guardians [NEW!] [15.00]

19. Blue Ravagers [NEW!] [9.00]

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1. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors had a packed week with 8 events. It began with an Ausia Troop U-Lead event which maxed 47. 50 penguins celebrated with IW’s EU/US Graduation Party Event, while 47 penguins logged on for their EU/US Summer Party Event. Next, IW held an Ausia Fortnite Themed Training Event which saw a max of 37, and 39 penguins showed up for an EU/US Minecraft vs Roblox Showdown. Furthermore, an AUSIA Meteor Takeover Event saw a max of 37. The Ice Warriors also celebrated pride month with a EU/US Rainbow Party Event in which 37 penguins attended. Their week concluded with an EU/US Capture The Flag Event with Silver Empire which maxed 40.

2. Army of Club Penguin: As Project: Conquest continues, the Army of Club Penguin keep going with plenty of invasions and defenses, tallying eight events this week. They wasted no time getting started this week, invading Rah’s Dwarf Village from the Doritos, maxing 43. They move back to their own turf next, with 47 Clovers defending Snow Fort from Templars. They take a break from Project: Conquest, partaking in a OG Style Dojo Battle with the Blue Ravagers, earning a max of 45. The Army honour Fluffy the Fish with an Ice-Fishing Tournament, in an event attended by 46 penguins. Next, 30 troops fight the Red Ravagers to keep their server, Eren’s Basement. They achieve the same max in their Lifeguard event, Operation: Search & Rescue. 41 Clovers represent every colour of the rainbow in their next colourful event, as they race across the island. They conclude their week the same way it began, with a Project: Conquest invasion. They took on Templars in a battle for Antioch with a max of 33.

3. Help Force: The Help Force held a grand total of 7 events this week. Kicking it off with an igloo raid event with a max of 45 troops. They then grabbed their musical instruments, and roamed around the island with 45 musicians playing some tunes. The troops got to show off their leading skills with a U-lead event witnessing 34 troops in attendance. A practice battle against the Special Weapons and Tactics saw 38 troops take part to secure the victory. Putting on some colourful clothes, the Helpers held a rainbow event peaking at 45 online. Next, they put on their dancing clothes and headed to the dance floor where 34 dancers showed off their moves. The final event of the week started off with tactics being led and ended in a massive VC party with 34 troops showing up to enjoy the fun.

4. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation had a week filled with different themed events, holding seven events altogether. They began by holding Operation: Coast Guard, where 37 troops protected the seas with their lifeguard jackets. Next, they paid homage to Elvis in Operation: Jailhouse Rock, maxing 32. They themed their next event around wearing checkered shoes, achieving a max of 45. 36 Rebels formed their own band, bringing their own instruments to this music-themed event. In their largest event this week, they donned some swimwear in Operation: Deep Dive, with 49 troops in attendance. The Rebels’ next event was Operation: Nacho Libre, maxing 37 while they marched through the island wearing sombreros and ponchos. Their week concluded with Operation: Fish Fillet, that saw 30 penguins dress up in fish costumes.

5. Templars: The Templars were busy this week training and battling, with six events total. Their AUSIA Division kicked things off with a training event, maxing 13. Their US Division continued with another training event, this time seeing sizes of 27. 32 Templars fought the Army of Club Penguin next, followed by an AUSIA battle with Golden Troops attended by 11. Their highest max this week was 40, achieved in their next US Training. Finally, they battled with SWAT, finishing the week with a max of 30.

6. Special Weapons and Tactics: SWAT had a total of 5 events this week. Starting off they hosted a summer theme event maxing 27. They then held an AUSIA lifeguard takeover event which maxed 25.  On Wednesday, SWAT faced off against the Help Force in a practice battle, obtaining sizes of 23 in the loss. Following that, 13 soldiers attended an AUSIA training event. To end off the week, the army saw 25 troops log on for a Pink Guitar takeover/Practice Battle with Templars.

7. Silver Empire: The Silver Empire held 5 events this week. Their week began with an EU Invasion of Water Viking’s server Frostbite where they maxed 28. Furthermore, 26 troops logged for an EU invasion of Summit, a server that belonged to Doritos. Silver Empire’s streak of battles continued with an AUSIA defense of their server Pumpkin Patch from Golden Troops which maxed 18. SE also held a US Ice Fishing Tournament which saw a max of 20. Their week concluded with an EU Capture the Flag Event which saw a max of 17.

8. Water Vikings: Water Vikings held a total of 5 events this week, they started out by hosting an AUSIA hydro Hopper event maxing 17. Next an EU battle training took place for the army where they saw 22 troops log on. Following that another EU event took place, this time a battle with the Templars which saw 24 log on to CPR. An EU Defense of Frostbite from the Silver Empire took place where the Water Vikings had a max of 25. To end off the week, and their generation as a whole, they had an AUSIA defense of RIP Ur Mom against the Red Ravagers, where they maxed 14 in a loss.

9. Spartans: The Spartans held a total of two events this week. The first being a training event and the latter a practice battle against the Fire Warriors, maxing 40 and 28, respectively.

10. Doritos: The Doritos has an action packed week with 4 battles. Their week began with a US defense of their server Rah’s Dwarf Village from Army Of Club Penguin which maxed 14. Next, 13 penguins fought against Sidie’s Rangers in a US invasion of their server Whiteout. Furthermore, DCP defended their server Summit from Silver Empire in a UK event which maxed 17. Their week concluded with a US invasion of Peoples Imperial Confederation’s server Sidie’s Retirement Home which saw a max of 13.

There are stories abound within the rankings of the Top Ten this week.  The Rebel Penguin Federation took quite a tumble, dropping to 4th place after an inactive week, by their standards.  This allowed a new leader to emerge in the Ice Warriors.  The Silver Viking alliance struggled in the Water Vikings final week of existence, with both armies falling to 7th and 8th, respectively.  Conversely, SWAT and the Templars upped their game this week, allowing for a comfortable jump over the aforementioned brother allies.  Elsewhere, the Spartans made their return to the Top Ten after being bumped off last week.  The Doritos managed to avoid that same fate that befell the Spartans, holding their spot at 10th.  Among the armies close to the Top Ten, the Golden Troops made noticeable strides, climbing to 12th with rising sizes in tow.  Below them, three new armies have entered the army world.  The Smart Penguins, Thunderstruck, and the Crimson Guardians all hosted their opening events this week.  The Blue Ravagers also made a return after a prolonged absence.
What do you think?  Will any of the new armies get into the Top Ten next week?  How will the rankings fair without the Water Vikings?  Let us know in the comments below!
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