Moving on: Sweater Announces Retirement

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- After eight years in armies, Fire Warriors leader Sweater announced his retirement on May 17th, 2021.

Sweater began his army career in May of 2013, where he first joined the Ice Warriors, before quickly leaving for the Special Weapons and Tactics.  Although Sweater spent some time in other armies, such as the Dark Warriors, Takis, and the Doritos, SWAT was his main endeavor within the community up until their closure in 2015.  After this, he joined the Shadow Reacon Army, a prominent S/M army during the summer of 2015.  Sweater then bounced around a few more armies until 2017.

When the Disney era of Club Penguin ended, Sweater remained outside of the community until December of 2019, where he joined the Doritos on Club Penguin Online.  After some time with DCP, Mayhem, and the Dark Warriors, Sweater joined the revival of SWAT on CPO in early 2020, where he demonstrated the best leadership of his career.  This generation of SWAT returned to prominence under his command, among others, with the army achieving consistently high sizes throughout it’s lifetime.  Sweater ended his career with the Fire Warriors, completing multiple tenures as a leader of the historic army.

Sweater and other SWAT leaders commanding over 100 troops on CPO.

In recent times, the Fire Warriors have hung around the lower half of the Top Ten for most of 2021.  Their latest appearance was one of their lowest to date, placing 12th.  Losing a leader is always tough for an army, but with one who’s been so vital in the foundation of FW such as Sweater, it can be a crushing blow.  The veteran has his reasons though, citing a lack of motivation to fulfill his duties as the main reason for his retirement:

I first hinted in the leadership group chat that I think the end of my road was nearing a few days ago, but I ultimately decided to attempt to push past this and keep going. This was not the correct choice. I absolutely adore all of you within Fire Warriors, all of the higher command, staff, members – all of you. But I don’t feel motivated to do anything anymore. Even something as basic as logging on I just don’t feel anything with it anymore – and then of course there’s all the other responsibilities which I am just not having fun doing. If you take anything away from this post, it’s that if you are not enjoying yourself, you should definitely not be forcing yourself to try and enjoy it.

-Sweater (Full post can be read HERE)

Fortunately for the Fire Warriors, Sweater leaves the army in capable hands.  AustinFraud, Cassie, Haley, and Simmonds2000 have all been apart of the leadership team for a while.  These four leaders are now tasked with keeping the army float in the wake of this departure.

Fire Warriors’ most recent event.

For what appears to be the last time, CPAHQ spoke to Sweater about his retirement.

In your retirement post, you explained that a lack of motivation caused you to retire. Do you think this stems from the performance of FW/armies in general? Or is it more of a personal matter?

Definitely not anything to do with Fire Warriors itself, seeing as the army is rising fast. It was 100% a personal matter.

Do you think the army will be able to keep that rising pace in your absence?

110%. That army is filled with motivated leaders looking to prove themselves and with Simmonds recently upping his activity, they’ll hit major in no time.

With your retirement, do you plan to still be around the Fire Warriors in any capacity- whether that’s now or in the future?

Yeah for sure. I own the website so I’ll be helping if any issues ever arise there.  If they need me for anything, I’m happy to help.

What was your favorite moment from your time in armies?

Maxing 100+ against the Underground Mafias Army in April of 2020, it was my first time leading a major army into battle and we outperformed all expectations.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

The Pain Wars 2 will happen.

As many people who have retired know, retirement does not always equate to a disappearance.  Sweater will still be around the army and the community, which is likely much appreciated by the troops of the Fire Warriors.

What do you think?  Will the Fire Warriors continue to stay afloat?  Or will Sweaters retirement have a negative impact on their performance?  Let us know in the comments below!


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