Help Force and Red Ravagers End their Wars with Silver Empire

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- The Help Force and the Red Ravagers recently declared a ceasefire in their war against the Silver Empire. What were the circumstances that led up to this moment?

The Help Force declared war against the Silver Empire on April 22nd. In their war declaration, they cited reasons of troop stealing, among other things, as the reason for the war. Hardly a day later, the Red Ravagers also declared war on their former allies. The Red Ravagers alleged that the Silvers troop stole from them and never treated them fairly as allies.

However, Silver Empire didn’t back down in the face of the opposition. They released their replies to the war declarations of both armies, rebuffing all of the allegations made and proclaiming that they will not be attending the war. This did not sit well with their adversaries, as they threatened to raid all of the Silvers’ events in retaliation. Meanwhile, SE continued to maintain their aforementioned stance, stating that the war from both armies wasn’t justified.

Recent Silver Empire event.

On May 1st, after more than a week of raids, the Help Force released a statement saying that the army will be putting a hold on all offensive movements against SE. They claimed a score of 7-0 against the Silvers. The Help Force called out their rivals for not attending the battles, and promised that the second phase of this war would begin soon and their enemies wouldn’t be able to downplay the war again.

Help Force at their most recent battle against Silver Empire.

Just a day later, the Red Ravagers released their own statement on the war status, going on to declare victory over the Silver Empire. The Ravagers claimed to have won the war by a score of 2-0.  The approach RR took was much more direct, only showing up to the invasions they schedule.   Like the Helpers before them, though, RR stated that they are only putting their invasions on hold, and could potentially continue in the future.

Red Ravagers in their second invasion of Silver Empire.

To find out more about these incidents, CPAHQ reached out to the Help Force and the Red Ravagers for more insight behind their reasoning for halting their attacks.

[It] wasn’t worth the effort to keep chasing someone who never shows up. The war resumes as soon as a server map is introduced.

Ayan, Help Force Leader

Well [the] main reason was because we didn’t want to bore our troops with only war preparations and events. SE wasn’t showing up and we didn’t want to waste our time on them so until there is land or something beneficial to us we will stay on our stance.

-Neha, Red Ravagers Leader

CPAHQ also reached out to Silver Empire for a comment pertaining to the victory declarations made by their opponents:

I’m not sure how either can declare victory against an army who declined participating. In respect to RR, they never raided and if so, never did successfully. Regarding HF, they broke their own terms of war by not getting any battles judged, counting allies in their maxes, and stating their raids were battles which were all less than 24 hours in advance. I think this is all a waste of everyone’s time and energy.

-Amber/Electrumm, Silver Empire Leader

It will certainly be interesting to see how these three armies move ahead after their conflicts. The interest that the war carried certainly helped all sides, as Help Force blasted their way through the Top Ten armies list to claim the top spot last week.  The Silver Empire also moved up to 6th place on the back of multiple events with sizes of over 30 troops.  Meanwhile the Ravagers reached 8th on the list after a long time of lingering in the bottom ranks.

What do YOU think? Will these skirmishes ever be picked up again? Will anyone else inject their army into the war? Let us know in the comments section below!


CPA Headquarters Director in Chief

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  1. otter May 5, 2021 (7:04 pm)

    “We declined the war” Amber it’s not a goddamn birthday invite. Just surrender if you know you’re going to lose, there’s no point in trying to act like you’re too good for it. We’re playing Club Penguin for fucks sake

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