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KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Welcome to the third publication of the column Army In Focus! In this column, we put an army under a microscope each week and look at either their success throughout the week or their failures. Unfortunately, Action lost his Spark (for the millionth time) a few hours ago, so Scorpion Demon will be taking over today! This week we’ll be looking into the Help Force. How did they end up in the top position in the Top Ten this week?

Founded by Ayan in 2018, the Help Force is one of the top dogs in the army community. Since the beginning, the army kept growing, competing with their own selves. By the beginning of 2020, the army consistently hit the top three ranks. They made history by beating several armies that were comparatively larger than them to make it to the Legends Cup X finals. Unfortunately, they lost to the army giants Rebel Penguin Federation. Their most recent tournament win is in the Aces Of Ausia tournament, showing off their strong AUSIA division.

The army is currently led by Barnito, Ayan, Nell and Elp. On April 22nd, they declared war against the Silver Empire. Since then, the army organized many enjoyable events as well as numerous successful raids against the Silvers. Overall, their hard work and motivation paid off well, as the army bagged first on the CP Army Headquarters Top Ten Armies list this week. The last time the army achieved this feat was in January 2020, under the leadership of Ayan.

Here’s what Help Force creator and leader Ayan had to say regarding their achievement:

Digging silver coins gave us the boost we needed, I urge the entire community to try doing that :E7~3: Fear the Force.

The Help Force in their Cops and Robbers Event

This week, the army hosted a whopping total of eleven events. Their maxed their highest in their Cops and Robbers event, with 67 troops online. Moreover, the army also hosted several other takeovers and intense training programs. The Help Force also declared victory in their war against the Silvers this week. They cited reasons of the Empire never showing up to battles and went on to promise that this war will be continued later, when their enemies couldn’t run from battles. To end the week, the Helpers logged on for a victory march around the island, maxing 61.

Overall, the Help Force enjoyed a super active week, filled with fun and success. On the way, they also managed to steal the much coveted ‘top spot’ from the usual contenders of this title. What remains to be seen is if they can retain the position next week!

What do YOU think? Will the Help Force continue with yet another successful week? Or will their newfound crown get stolen? Let us know in the comments section below!

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