Top Ten Armies [4/25/21-5/1/21]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- As the army community continues to trade the lead like never before, we see a completely new army overtake the previously intertwined three.

1. Help Force [+3] [84.05]

2. Army of Club Penguin [-1] [83.95]

3. Ice Warriors [-1] [79.73] 

4. Rebel Penguin Federation [-1] [74.02]

5. Water Vikings [+0] [51.90]

6. Silver Empire [+1] [46.50]

7. Templars [-1] [41.67]

8. Red Ravagers [+3] [41.52]

9. Special Weapons and Tactics [-1] [39.95]

10. Pizza Federation [NEW!] [39.50]

<><><><>Close to Top Ten<><><><>

11. Fire Warriors [-1] [31.38]

12. People’s Imperial Confederation [-3] [28.74]

13. Crimson Guardians [NEW!] [27.50]

14. Golden Troops [-2] [13.69]

15. Blue Ravagers [-2] [12.32]

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1. Help Force: The Helpers had an extremely busy week, so the formula awarded them for hosting a total of 11 events! They began with a size of 41 Helpers for an EU event. Following that they saw a max of 39 at a US event. Coffee was served by an outstanding 47 barista penguins the next day. Next up, the Force gathered 40 penguins at a US event. The next event topped that, garnering 48 Helpers the following day. An AUSIA event, “Operation Phoenix”, was held,  where they achieved sizes of 52 troops.  Another event saw the army eclipse 43, as the Help Force logged on for another battle in their war with the Silver Empire. The event turned into a impromptu Practice Battle with the Red Ravagers. An AUSIA u-lead was held, which lead the the troops of HF to max another mark of 40 penguins. An ice cream takeover event took place with 43 ice cream scoopers in attendance.  Then, their AUSIA Cops and Robbers themed hide and seek event saw the army reach an outstanding total of 67 troops. To end off the long week for the Help Force they held a US event and marched around in victory to end off the first phase of the Silver Rush War with a score of 7-0, all while maxing 61.  Have yourself a day, Help Force!

2. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin continued their trend of holding lots of events, with an impressive nine this week. They maxed 30 in their first event, a party themed around Crocs. They picked up some cameras for their next event, a photography-themed one attended by 44 troops. After that, 53 penguins fought their allies, the Water Vikings in a practice battle. Then, they sharpened their skills in a battle preparation training, with a max of 47. They let their troops take the reins next, with them leading their next event that saw 46 troops attend. They maxed 44 in an ice cream event, and 53 in another practice battle, this time facing the People’s Imperial Confederation. To honour the recently closed Pizza Federation, 48 troops held a remembrance event. Finally, they had their highest max of the week in their annual Spring Fling, attended by 60 penguins.

3. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors kicked off the week with a racing event, which had 45 racers in attendance. Following, they held an induction ceremony for Kally, with 62 penguins attending for that historic moment. They next had a Practice Battle against the Special Weapons and Tactics, peaking at 42 troops online. Their next event was a training event, maxing 35. The same day, putting that training to use, they held a practice battle against the People’s Imperial Confederation, with 35 soldiers showing up. A U-lead was then held, where a total of 38 people got to show off their leadership skills. Finally, they finished the week off with yet another practice battle, this time against the Water Vikings, with 40 penguins online.

4. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation had another fun filled week with a total of 8 events. To kick off the week they held an AUSIA Operation: Apron Extravaganza event maxing 30. To follow this up was an EU event with a max of 45 troops. Soon after they held a US event maxing 46 rebels. Thereafter two EU and AUSIA events witnessed a max of 47 and 28 troops respectively. Next they hosted an Operation: Kermitment EU event wearing some colorful froggy hats for a max 37 troops in attendance. Succeeding this the rebels took part in a US summer themed event maxing 52. To close out the week the Rebel Penguin Federation held one more EU event, this time with a max of a lovely 54 troops.

5. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings started the week with a training event, maxing 19. They put the training to use, and held a Practice Battle against the Army of Club penguin, with 22 soldiers online. Their third event of the week was a fun ice cream event, peaking at 26 online. They decided to celebrate the Federation Army in their next event, with 21 penguins online. A puffle warriors reunion was then held, with 23 Vikings online. Their final event of the week was a Practice Battle against the Ice Warriors, with 22 soldiers ready to fight.

6. Silver Empire: In another war week, the Silver Empire yet again stood unfazed with a customary 5 events. Their first event was a US Find Four tournament with a new champion crowned, where they maxed 34. Following this they held an EU Pizzatron tournament with a max of 21 troops. Next up, 32 silvers attended a US Cart Surfing tournament with a new champion declared. Continuing the trend of game tournaments, troops competed in an EU Ice Fishing tournament while also maxing 27. Finally, the Silver Empire held an EU Battleship tournament with 20 troops in attendance to close out the week.

7. Templars: The Templars held 4 events this week. Their week started with a Battle against the Water Vikings maxing a total of 30. After that, they held a Victory Parade to celebrate their battle victory maxing 32. They maxed 30 in their next event which was a U-Lead for their High Command staff team. To finish off their week, they held a AUSIA training event maxing 16.

8. Red Ravagers:

The Red Ravagers continue to target their enemy, the Silver Empire, whilst holding five events this week. They started their week off maxing 14 at a training event. Next, they join the Army of Club Penguin in a friendly raid that maxed 20. The Ravagers showed they were still serious about war, with 26 troops battling the Silver Empire. This was followed by a raid on the Silver Empire’s event, that turned into a practice battle with their allies, the Help Force, attended by 13. Ending on a lighthearted note, they had a fun ice-cream themed event, maxing 16.

9. Special Weapons and Tactics: The SWAT of CP saw a fall in events from last week, hosting just 2 this time around. Their first event was a fun Igloo Raids event maxing 30 troops. The SWAT then held an AUSIA training event to round off the week with 20 agents working on honing tactics.

10. Pizza Federation: The mighty Pizza Federation held only one event this week which was their final event announcing their closure. Their closing event of this generation saw a max of 35 reminding us once again of the army’s legacy.

Wow.  Just when the community thought that the Top Ten couldn’t get any more contested, the Help Force overtake the ‘big three’ and hold the first place spot for the first time in quite a while.  The Army of Club Penguin falls to 2nd, though really not at their fault, as their close allies were hell bent on domination this week.  The two armies that comprise the Black Ice Alliance slip down to 3rd and 4th, their lowest positions to date.  We also see the Red Ravagers jump all the way up to 8th, in part of some of the armies below them being a bit inactive this week.  Lastly, we bid farewell to two of the most well known armies in the S/M community: the Pizza Federation and the Crimson Guardians.
What do YOU think about the latest edition of the Top Ten Armies? Will the Help Force be able to move forward as a legitimate first place contender?  Will this Top Ten be secretly edited again? Let us know in the comments!


CPA Headquarters Director in Chief

Top Ten Committee 

Action, Ferd, Rach, Snork, TD999

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