You’ve Got Mail: Heated Exchanges Between Red Ravagers And Silver Empire

KLONDIKE, CP Army HQ – The Red Ravagers declared war on the Silver Empire on April 23rd. Ever since then, the two armies have exchanged a series of web posts. The website articles consisted of various screenshots, allegations and explanations of their views. Exactly what has happened between the two armies so far?

On April 23rd, the Red Ravagers released a post titled Silver Snakes, declaring war on the Silver Empire a day after the Help Force did the same. In their declarations, the two armies claimed that the Silver Empire committed innumerable acts of troop stealing. A more in-depth analysis of the allegations between the Silvers and the Help Force can be read here. This time, the Empire and the Ravagers began a heated exchange of posts.

The war terms proposed by the Ravagers in their war declaration.


On April 25th, the Silver Empire answered the Ravagers’ war declaration. In a post entitled Reds In Over Their Heads, the Silvers denied all of the accusations, providing proof rebuffing the war. The Empire also accused the Reds of troop stealing in the same post. Moreover, they also claimed that this war is nothing but a personal attack against Amber, the Silver Commander. They concluded that they will not be participating in this war.

Silver Empire’s response to the Red Ravagers’ war declaration.


After the Silver Empire’s reply post, it seemed that both armies had said what they needed to. However, on April 27th, the Ravagers issued two more posts: Enter Sandman and Smells Like Personal Vendettas.

An excerpt from the post “Enter Sandman”

In the first post, the Ravvys reiterated their troop stealing allegations, presenting more screenshots. They also refuted the allegations that this is a personal attack. Further on, they army mentioned that if the Silver Empire did not accept the end of war terms or face them on the battle field, the Reds will start raiding their events.

In the second post, Scorp, Second In Command of the Ravagers, brought up conversations with Moosh, a Silver Empire staff member. He reiterated the allegations of that the Silvers pressured RR HCOM to attend their events, but also claimed to respect both Moosh and Amber. Scorp also clarified what he meant by “a personal war”, addressing some of the concerns that arose regarding this war being a personal vendetta.

As this flurry of exchange of heated words between the two armies continues, a serious doubt persists: Is this declaration of war based on personal things rather than CPA related? CP Army Headquarters reached out to Amber, Silver Commander and to Bri, Red Commander, to answer that exact question.

Amber: Unfortunately, I had the displeasure of mostly reading both of, what they call, articles and I’m still trying to find the answer to that myself.

Yes, the RR posts contradict themselves by first saying this ‘war’ was all business and then stating it was all personal. As everyone knows, Neha was 2ic in SE, and she would know better than almost anyone that SE has never automatically assigned roles to new members. First, new members were asked to use a bot to select their roles upon admittance and now we have a channel to do that with our staff. Secondly, she stated that her staff members were allowed to dual enlist, so I’m still not entirely sure how we attempted to troop steal them if they were already SE troops. Lastly, they never approached me, or any SE HCOM, about any of their concerns and called me vulgar names in their post. If it was simply army related, they would have been more professional about it and tried to resolve it beforehand through the various BBA group chats we have, or another leader reaching out. Rather than taking any of these logical actions you might when you feel personally wronged, they resorted to ‘war’ and name-calling instead.

This all leads me to believe their declaration is simply personal and they are trying to find anything possible to make it army related. To be frank, I have better things to do with my day than waste it on petty squabbling over a children’s game.


Bri: Is it personal? Yes and no. We have many reasons for why we declared war, and we laid them all out in our declarations. It’s due to the crimes Silver Empire as a whole has committed – troop stealing, abusing their allies, trash talking, etc etc. We’re taking this personal since Silver Empire was our friend. SE hurt us when they did these things in the first place, and they hurt us again when they put together fake proof to try and escape from the consequences of their actions. I was honestly baffled at how they tried to prove RR troops were dual enlisted and later acknowledged that they were from RR, later in the same post. They tried to make it seem as though the entire BBA armies were fools, and SE’s the only one who’s right. Which I mean, come on, if literally all 3 of your allies felt the same way are you really gonna negate all of their feelings?

This war was made personal by their backstabbing. They claimed that we never reached out, when Neha was literally blocked when she did try to reach out. There are times when war can have no personal aspect to them, but when troop stealing and abuse is in the picture, of course it becomes personal. No one goes to war just for the sake of it, people have reasons, and those reasons are personal in some way because they were affected by it. If you truly care about your army, the crimes against your army and particularly your members, affects you. The Red Ravagers have listed out the various reasons for our war. Go through them and you’ll realize we’ve proven our reasons as actual facts and not just baseless claims unlike SE. There’s more than enough reasons for any army to have declared war, much earlier than we actually did. We were willing to give them a chance and did try to reach out, only to get rebuffed by Silver Commander Amber.

As of now, Silver Empire refuses to take part in this war. The Red Ravagers scheduled a battle on April 28th, which the Silvers never showed up to. However, the Ravagers seem committed to go ahead with the war at all cost including raiding their enemy’s normal events.

What do YOU think?  Will the Red Ravagers follow through on their plan to raid all of Silver Empire events? Will the Silver Empire and the Red Ravagers eventually reconcile? Lets us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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