Community Clash In Spring Showdown

KLONDIKE, CPA Headquarters – Recently, the community witnessed a huge battle take place, which consisted of multiple armies. What happened at this fun-filled event?

On 19th April, the Shamrock Bulletin put out a post, announcing the Spring Showdown. The scheduled the battle to take place on April 24th, across one or two servers, depending on how many armies showed up. A total of 14 armies received invitations , based on the Top Ten for the huge event. A list of all armies invited, alongside all the information provided in the post can be found below.

Out of the 14 armies invited, 10 accepted the invite and were present for the battle: Army of Club Penguin, Water Vikings, Help Force, Special Weapons And Tactics, Crimson Guardians, Red Ravagers, Golden Troops, Fire Warriors, People’s Imperial Confederation, and the Ice Warriors. Due to a big number of armies attending, the battles took place on two servers. The armies battled each other as parts of two groups, A and B. Group A had a total of four armies, all of them major, whilst the remaining six were part of group B

Group B consisting of the smaller armies logged onto Crystal, whilst Group A, consisting of the bigger armies, logged onto Ascent.

ACP vs IW in the first round of spring showdown; part of Group A

As Group A was large armies and brought more troops, they each battled one army per room. On the other hand, as Group B was mostly filled with smaller armies, they each battled two other armies per room. Here’s a list of the bracket for the showdown:

To find out more about the event, CP Army Headquarters reached out to Shamrock Bulletin head Max for a statement:

The Shamrock Bulletin is really pleased with how the Spring Showdown battle went, with all 10 armies that participated really enjoying the event and sending such amazing feedback after! It was great to have a community event that brought everyone together, with no ‘official winners’ resulting and instead just good old battling and fun. We can’t wait for the next one now! :bigsmile:

The tournament organizers hosted this just to have fun and didn’t announce any official winners. Furthermore, it served as a way of bringing the community together. But the fun doesn’t just end here, the Shamrock Bulletin have already announced their next event, the Spring Fling. Will the Spring Fling be as successful as the Spring Showdown, or will it fall short of expectations?

 What do YOU think? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments down below!


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