Top Ten Armies [3/21/21-3/27/21]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- While not much movement takes place in this edition of the Top Ten, we see sizes continue to skyrocket for just about every single army.

1. Ice Warriors [+0] [93.43]

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [90.08] 

3. Army of Club Penguin [+0] [83.25]

4. Help Force [+0] [76.09]

5. Water Vikings [+0] [59.20]

6. Silver Empire [+0] [55.73]

7. Templars [+0] [54.50]

8. Special Weapons and Tactics [+1] [49.06]

9. People’s Imperial Confederation [-1] [37.65]

10. Red Ravagers [+1] [30.24]

<><><><>Close to Top Ten<><><><>

11. Pizza Federation [NEW!] [20.17]

12. Blue Ravagers [+0] [17.24]

13T. Cries Cult [+1] [11.50]

13T. Royal Penguins [+1] [11.50]

15.Coffee Bean Army [-2] [10.50]

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1. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors had a very busy week, with 7 total events. They started off the week with an AUSIA miners event, with 48 penguins online. Next, they had a practice battle against the Templars, where they maxed 40. Then, they had a divisional practice battle against the Peoples’ Imperial Confederation, with a max of 56 penguins. Later, they had a practice battle with the Water Vikings with a max of 45 warriors. Afterward, they had a special AUSIA March Madness training where they maxed 40. Next, they had an EU March Madness training with a max of 55. Finally, they had their March Madness battle against the Help Force, where they maxed 90 penguins.

2. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation saw a huge boost in size this week, but so did the armies that surround them in the Top Ten. The 9 event week started with their Elite Eight battle against the Red Ravagers, cruising to a victory with 75 troops in attendance. Then, the AUSIA division saw sizes of 40 in a monster themed event. The US division followed this up with a Grand Theft Auto parody event, topping out at 49 soldiers. The Rebels continued to stay above sizes of 40, with their EU division seeing a total of 43 troops at their voice-lead training session. The AUSIA division came back into the light on Thursday, maxing 35 in another voice-lead event. That same day, the EU division saw sizes of 39. RPF prepared for their Final Four match against the Ice Warriors with one more voice-chat training, reaching sizes of 43 Rebels. Their week concluded with a narrow victory over the Army of Club Penguin, though that result is currently under review. The army garnered a whopping max of 89 troops.

3. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin bolstered their weekly size across a total of 8 events. They began their week with an accuracy training, where 47 troops attended. They then held a formations training for their AUSIA division, seeing sizes of an impressive 45. The US division completed the trio training sessions, obtaining a max of 42 in a movement session. The Clovers’ practice was put to the test with a practice-battle against the Help Force and the Blue Ravagers. 34 troops attended this three-way fight. The AUSIA division returned to activity the next day with 37 troops for a U-Lead event. Their next event was a divisional training, where they garnered 34 troops to log on. ACP was back in action later that same day, participating in another 3 way battle- this time against the Templars and Fire Warriors. 44 troops showed up. They finished off their week with their battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation in the semifinals, reaching sizes of 78 in a battle that’s result is being reviewed at the time of this Top Ten’s release.

4. Help Force: In a less eventful week, the Help Force still managed to make up their lack of events (in comparison to their peers) with fantastic size in their prioritized battles. Their 5 event week started with their quarterfinal appearance in March Madness, achieving a max of 57 troops. They went on to host an AUSIA event, where 31 troops partook. A strange showing took place for the EU/US division, where only 17 Helpers logged on for a practice battle. The army bounced back well, though, maxing 40 a training session the next day. Their week culminated in a fiercely debated March Madness semifinal battle against the Ice Warriors. They reached a staggering 80 troops in the battle that is still under review at the time of this post.

5. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings had an eventful week with 6 total events. First, they had Operation: Deep Water, maxing 25. Next, they held an UK training event with a max of 31. Then, they had an UK battle against the Ice Warriors where they had a max of 32 Vikings. Next was a EU battle against SWAT where they maxed 34. Then, they had another practice battle against the Silver Empire, maxing 30. Finally, they had an AUSIA training with a max of 21.

6. Silver Empire: The Silver Empire had a pretty active week, hosting 7 events. It began with their Elite Eight matchup against the Help Force in March Madness, where they reached sizes of 32 troops. They went on to hold an AUSIA event, maxing just 13 troops. This was followed up with a return to the 30-mark territory, maxing an even 30 in their spy themed event. On Thursday, SE held an Ice Fishing tournament with 26 participants. The next day, they took on the Water Vikings. A max of 22 was the result of that. The Silvers completed the week with two events on Saturday, where they saw sizes of 22 and 33, respectively.

7. Templars: The Templars had a fun-filled week, hosting a total of 4 events. Their week started off with a practice battle against the Ice Warriors, maxing a total of 30. They soon held a Victory Parade, maxing 31. Their next battle was against the Army of Club Penguin, hosting a total of 35 penguins. Their final event was a regular training event, maxing a total of 32.

8. Special Weapons and Tactics: SWAT had a good week with 4 events. They first held an unscheduled event where they maxed 25. Next was a UK/US training event with a max of 25 troops. Then, they had a fun U-Lead event where they maxed 33. Finally, they had a practice battle against the Water Vikings with 30 troops.

9. People’s Imperial Confederation: The Peoples’ Imperial Confederation maintained their usual structure this week, holding 5 events throughout. They kicked things off with 11 AUSIA troops participating in a mining event. They went on to square off with the Ice Warriors, garnering 16 total troops against the IW divisions. The Comrades hosted another event on Wednesday, celebrating a new item code from CPR, seeing a week high size of 18 troops! The AUSIA division returned to action, maxing 11 troops once again in a parade. PIC concluded their week with a divisional battle, maxing a total of 15 troops.

10. Red Ravagers: The Red Ravagers had a relatively good week with 4 events. There first event was a March Madness battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation. They sadly lost the battle, yet maxed 18. Their next event was a regular training event, with 11 penguins in attendance. A Hide and Seek game soon followed the next day, with 8 seekers in attendance. Their final event of the week was a Murder Mystery game, with 9 penguins joining in the party games.

The army community as a whole has been taken for a wild ride this week.  Eight of the Top Ten armies saw their size grow from the previous week, creating a Top Ten that looks closer than it actually does.  The Peoples’ Imperial Confederation and Special Weapons and Tactics continue to jump each other in the standings.  And while the Fire Warriors disappeared, another army returned to activity: the Pizza Federation.  Also as a result of FW’s inactivity, the Red Ravagers jump back into the Top Ten, as their Cinderella story came to a close in March Madness at the start of this week.  The entire community awaits to hear the result of the current hot button issue, the Final Four results of March Madness.  Both battles sparked debate and controversy in their rulings, resulting in a review being requested for both battles, which is sure to be totally fine and no one will be upset once CPAHQ gives their official opinion!
What do you think about the top ten this week? What army impressed you the most?  What will happen next week? Let us know in the comments!


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