Top Ten Armies [2/28/21-3/6/21]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- As the community turns their calendars from February to March, we see the effects of a polarizing war, as well as a previously close top ten, impact the current standings of the community.

1. Ice Warriors [+0] [85.27]

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [79.60] 

3. Army of Club Penguin [+0] [75.68]

4. Help Force [+0] [66.81]

5. Water Vikings [+1] [57.43]

6. Templars [+1] [54.80]

7. Silver Empire [-2] [46.13]

8. People’s Imperial Confederation [+0] [36.97]

9. Special Weapons and Tactics [+0] [36.83]

10. Fire Warriors [NEW!] [24.44]

<><><><>Close to Top Ten<><><><>

11. Red Ravagers [-1] [19.00]

12T. Cries Cult  [+0] [10.5]

12T. Coffee Bean Army [+1] [10.5]

12T. Royal Penguins [+1] [10.5]

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1. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors maintained their spot this week, despite having just 6 events. They started their week off with a Troop U-Lead, maxing 51. Next, they held their first of many practice battles this week, versus SWAT, with 54 warriors attending. After that, they held a divisional practice battle versus the People’s Imperial Confederation, maxing 50. 45 went to another battle against the Red Ravagers the next day. Finishing the week off they had an AUSIA Training, and their last practice battle of the week with the Help Force, maxing 45 and 55 respectively.

2. Rebel Penguin Federation: Sensing the pressure from those below them, the Rebel Penguin Federation hosted a whopping 9 events this week.  They embarked on their long week with a US mining event, where they had a max of 46 troops.  RPF then hosted an AUSIA kite event on Tuesday, ‘soaring’ to sizes of 33.  This was followed up with an EU event, where the 42 soldiers donned their lumberjack gear.  That same day, the Rebels hosted a pizza-themed event, where a week-high of 55 troops attended!  The AUSIA division return on Thursday, where RPF once again had a max of 33 troops.  Shortly after, the EU division held a U-lead event with 42 troops in attendance.  The US division also chipped in that day, hosting a cart surfing event with a total of 41 troops.  On the eve of this very top ten, the Rebels added two more events to their name: an AUSIA coffee-themed event and a EU/US winter-themed event.  They reached sizes of 37 and 34 in these events, respectively.

3. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin had a fun filled week with 7 events in total. They started the week with a UK division coffee delivering event combined with a sweet game of hide and seek, maxing 48 troops. Next they hosted a kite flying ausia event maxing 35 troops. Then the participated in a branch battle against the Red Ravagers, maxing 34 clovers. Soon after they held a UK division training event maxing a good 41 troops. Following this they had an ausia thin ice competition, maxing 33 troops, and then another ausia mining event seeing a total of 34 miners in attendance. To conclude the week their UK division went up against the Recon Federation of CP in battle, maxing 48 troops.


4. Help Force: The Help Force had a busy week, with five events. They started the week with a Comeback Event, maxing 49. Next they had a coffee themed event where 40 troops attended. They held a practice battle with the Ice Warriors, and a pizza themed event, both maxing 36. They finished the week with a practice battle against SWAT, that 28 helpers attended.

5. Water Vikings: Water Vikings kicked off the Golden Seas War this week, and had five events total. 17 troops attended their AUSIA training to start the week off. Next they held another training, with max 25. Their next event was a raid on the Templars, with 31 Vikings in attendance. They had their highest max of the week in the first battle of the Golden Seas War against Templars, with 51 troops. Finally, they had their second battle of their war against the Templars, maxing 45 this time.

6. Templars: Templars had five events this week, including some exciting war battles. They started off the week with a training event where they maxed 24. In preparation for the Golden Seas War, they held another training where 32 troops attended.  After this, they had an impromptu battle with their rivals, the Water Vikings, seeing their defense put up 30 troops against the raid.  The Templars finished the week with two back to back battles against WV, obtaining sizes of 32 and 27, respectively.

7. Silver Empire: The Silver Empire was jam-packed with events this week, holding six of them. First, they held a training event where they maxed 21. Following that they had a scavenger hunt with max 19. 22 troops went to their mining event, and 22 also went to their Find Four tournament. They had a prehistoric themed event with max 18, and concluded the week with a Puffle Roundup tournament with 18 troops as well.

8. People’s Imperial Confederation: The People’s Imperial Confederation had another busy week with 5 events. They started the week with an AUSIA called “Operation: Moving Trees”, where they maxed a good size of 10. Later that day, they hosted a PIC Bubble Ball, where they got a max of 15 troops logged on. They then held a practice battle with the Ice Warrior Divisions, where they maxed 16. After a break for a few days, they held an AUSIA on Saturday, with a max of 11 troops. Finally, they had a division battle later that day with 16 troops attending overall.

9. Special Weapons and Tactics: SWAT held three events this week. Their week begun with an exciting battle versus the Ice Warriors, maxing 18. Next they held a training, maxing 25. Finally, 18 troops attended a battle against the Help Force.

10. Fire Warriors: The Fire Warriors return to the top ten this week with two events in tow. They started their week with Operation: Upsurge, where they maxed 11. They finished the week off with Operation: Enhancement, with 17 warriors.

In this top ten we saw the community interact with each other in more ways than just battling.  While the Ice Warriors retained the pole position for the fourth week in a row, the Rebel Penguin Federation put all hands on deck to hold off an Army of Club Penguin that is hunting for that second place spot.  The Golden Seas War claims an inadvertent victim, as the Silver Empire fall below both the Templars and the Water Vikings, thanks to a total of 3 battles between the two rivals.  Finally, the Fire Warriors reintroduce themselves to the top ten in style, overtaking the Red Ravagers as we look forward to March Madness 2021.  What do YOU think about the top ten? Will there be a change next week? Let us know in the comments below!


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