Community Perspective: Which Column is Your Favorite?

While all eyes are on the news, columns are a great way to engage with our community members. In this post, we explore the roles that columns play in our community.

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Columns serve many roles in enhancing the army experience of Club Penguin Armies community members. These articles are written to entertain, educate and shed light on certain topics. The Media Department can publish columns during tournaments, wars and peaceful times to reduce boredom or to lighten the mood.

CPA Ice Breakers column

Columns like Ice Breakers and Behind the Scenes play a large role in entertaining the army community. Hearing about different stories and the experiences of our community members allows us to paint a better picture of them. Furthermore, these articles help humanize and reveal fun information about members in our community. After all, we all enjoy good stories and like to relate to one another, and these articles open many opportunities to shed light on members that might not get any spotlight.

Army Rivalries Column

Moreover, we can read about many important historical events that have shaped the culture and landscape of our community today. Thus, columns like Army Rivalries and the one’s mentioned previously can help our community members catch up on important events that they may have missed. History is not a subject many like when attending school, but these articles can provide somewhat of game lore that help us stay immersed in the army experience. Most times, we read up on the past to try and avoid the mistakes that happened before or for inspiration.

Memorable Moments Column

Also, columns are written to give a chance for many members of our community to shine and express themselves. We cannot deny that we all want our stories and opinions heard. Therefore, these columns are effectively the best way to do so. Not all of us can have the chance to become army leaders or make headlines in the community, giving a voice to the common member is an important part in keeping the army community together.

There are many columns that are a great read, but we usually prefer one over the other. This idea has set us on a mission to uncover the army communities’ most favorite columns!

We asked some members of the community to let us know about their favorite column and future suggestions.

What column is or was your favorite? 

Ugly, ACP Leader: Memorable Moments with [Insert Name], I think it’s an interesting column that puts light on respected individuals in the community whether that are with us today or have been with us before and their achievements and successes.

Elsa, Templars: l like the HCOM life stories which are my favorites!

Flypin, YouTube: I’m a big fan of behind the scenes! I like seeing what people in cpa do irl, and learning more about them.

Hampterio, Water Vikings: My favorite column is probably Behind The Scenes of staff, because for me, it’s just interesting to find out more facts about what people do in and outside of CPA. Since I’m relatively new here, it helps find out more about people!

What topics or columns would you like CPA reporters to explore?

Ugly: More stuff regarding army leaders, maybe their plans for the upcoming summer or just a deep dive on how they stuff is going compared to when they became leader and got interviewed about their plans within the army, as in updates with the leaders. Other than that I think there could be more stuff just regarding the community, I know there’s the What’s up CPA column now but I feel like most posts now are just the usual set every week, maybe we could do more posts regarding people’s views and thoughts about certain topics going on or posts where you just choose two people that hate each other and have an interview between the two about the other or just fun stuff like that lol

Elsa: The topics that I would like CPA reporters to explore more on are wars and picture perfects!!

Flypin: Not sure I don’t have any ideas LOL

Hampterio: In my opinion, I would expand more on army rivalries, because most of these rivalries were long ago and I love to find out more about the history of CPA.

I agree with Ugly about conducting recent leader interviews, as we rarely hear from them after their induction interviews. It is great to see the community encouraging us to write more posts in many creative ways every week. This motivation drives us forward as reporters and helps us do our best. I have to thank everyone in the CPA reporting team and the army community for their important role in these columns. Let us know: what is YOUR favorite column? 

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Senior Reporter 

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