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Welcome to the third edition of Club Penguin Armies Ice Breakers. In this column, we play fun games with community members and get to know more about them through them. Today, we speak with Superhero123 and get to know him more personally.

Ice Breakers Superhero123

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Superhero123 first joined the community in February 2013 as a member of the Hot Sauce Army. However, his most notable work was during his tenure as an AUSIA leader within the Smart Penguins in 2014. Superhero’s most significant contribution came from Club Penguin Armies: The Game, the first CPPS exclusive to armies, which came as an alternative to Club Penguin Rewritten and Club Penguin Online in 2019. Because of that, he was inducted as an Army Legend in said year. Nonetheless, his contributions did not stop there.

He went on to found the Warlords of Kosmos and later on took the helm in the Golden Guardians. After a rebrand in early 2021, the Guardians became the CPPS iteration of the Water Vikings, with Super briefly leading the first months of that generation. In June 2021, Super would revive SP for its CPPS-era debut. Moreover, after CPR’s official closure, Superhero launched Club Penguin Armies Battleground, a new CPPS in HTML5, adapting to the post-Flash era. Super was also recognized for his involvement in several leagues, such as CP Army Hub and CP Army Headquarters. Nowadays, he currently serves as an Advisor in Club Penguin Armies.

Superhero123 SP

Smart Penguin’s First Event in 2013

five Interesting facts about superhero123

To warm up, Club Penguin Armies asked Super to provide five interesting facts about his persona. It could be anything – from real life to CPA matters. Here are his responses.

1) I am the biggest Olympiacos FC supporter in CPA History
2) I have been a leader in all 6 generations of Smart Penguins
3) I have written code in over 10 programming languages
4) I have been in this community for almost 11 years
5) I am trying my best to get a life 😂


Moving on, Super was presented with a wholesome message sent by one of his friends. The point of this game is for Super to guess who sent him said message. In addition, he was asked to describe who this person is in his perspective and what they mean to him.

Please for the love of god get someone else to give you money other than me. But in all seriousness, the way Club Penguin Armies relies on you is crazy. You’re an extremely knowledgeable and wise person, and I hope you know that you are very much appreciated. A true legend. Keep in touch!

Superhero123: Is it Mchappy?

Club Penguin Armies: Yes!

Superhero123: haha, mchappy pays for cparmies website and he send the money to me to pay the server provider for him. Sadly mchappy wont pay for cpab tho😂

Club Penguin Armies: Who is Mchappy in your perspective? What does he mean to you?

Superhero123: Mchappy is a true legend and one of the main figures of CPA history. ACP is not an army I ever really associated with (only for like 2 weeks in 2015 I think?) due to my vibe being kinda different, but I highly respect it as one of the core players of army history and Mchappy is one of those who contributed the most to its cause. Mchappy is also doing an excellent job as CPA admin. To me he is in the same category with people like Iceyfeet1234, Commando, Ganger, Kingfunks etc, he is one of the pillars upon which the current army community was built and acts as a guardian of it.


In this round, we presented Super with three provocative and reflexive questions about his career and doings in the community.

Do you believe it is really worth it to invest a large amount of money in CPA Battleground?

Investing is probably not the ideal word to put it, because you are 100% not making any money back ever from this xD, its like throwing money on a water wall. I still put the money to keep it running because the community wants it to exist and I love CPA way too much.

I am not wealthy however and I have to let people know that if my irl situation changes in the future I might not be able to do this anymore. If you want to support the project, please do so at

What do you consider to be your most important contributions to CPA besides CPATG and CPAB?

I believe my most important contributions to CPA besides assisting in the software side of things are my time as League admin, both in the original CPA organization and also in CPAHQ. I am certain I have made mistakes but I want people to know there was never any bias or ill-intend in my judgments (this extends to the tournament battles I have judged as well, which are plenty). Especially CPAHQ because it was at a point where we were recovering as a community from the worst attack we have faced in the CPPS era.

If you were to retire right now, would you have a successor in mind to keep up with your work?

Sadly no (else I would had probably already retired). There are promising people in the community but I haven’t had enough time to test/train any of them.


Last but not least, we asked Superhero to complete five sentences. Let us see what were his responses!

My favorite army I led is… Smart Penguins
One person I am lucky to have met is… its many and I can’t pick someone because they all offered me a lot in different ways
After I leave the CPA community I would like to become… your common boomer CPA retired veteran complaining about everything while offering no solutions/good ideas
The name Superhero123 comes from… my stupid 10yo brain
My favorite moment in my whole time in CPA is… when the CPAM/CPAL merge happened and the community reunited on CPATG after years of separation, starting a party that lasted days

And this wraps up today’s edition of CPA Ice Breakers! We kindly thank Superhero for his participation in this exciting column. It was without a doubt a pleasant experience to get to know this key figure in our community. Without Super, CPA would undoubtedly be a different – and worse – place. Did you manage to learn something new about Super? Would you like to see more CPA Ice Breakers? What would be the alternatives to CPA Battleground if the game was never a thing? Guess we will only explore this last question in a future article of ours.

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