Around The World Cup: Finals Results

The Around the World Cup has concluded with two victors. After two insane battles, the winners of the Cup have finally been named, who managed to pull through until the end?

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The last two battles of the Around The World Cup took place on June 1. Only four qualified for the final round after eight armies competed in three different time zones. The first battle took place between the Winged Hussars and the People’s Imperial Confederation. The tournament’s second and last battle involved the Elite Guardians and the Army of Club Penguin.

Winged Hussars vs. People’s Imperial Confederation 

The small/medium battle witnessed the Confederates max 20, and the Hussars reach 11. PIC largely won the first room due to a noticeable size difference but also had faster tactics and visually larger forms. This trend continued toward the two remaining rooms, resulting in the People’s Imperial Confederation winning the battle in a three-room victory. Despite their loss against PIC, the Winged Hussars were able to pull through and show the community that perhaps the small/medium competition isn’t entirely dead.

June 1: PIC battling WH in the Around The Cup finals

Winner – People’s Imperial Confederation

Elite Guardians vs. Army of Club Penguin 

The final battle started with the Guardians maxing 50, while the Clovers countered with 38. The first room was largely attributed to the EGCP due to their size advantage and creative formations. ACP was using forms that were deemed ‘safe’ in the first room. Throughout rooms two and three, both armies were able to exchange equal blows. For example, the Elite Guardians had the size advantage, but the Clovers were often able to look larger than their opponent. In terms of formations, it was noted that the Guardians were more creative, but the ACP were more visible. Due to neither army holding a real advantage, these rooms were deemed a tie.

June 1: EGCP battling ACP in the Around The Cup finals

Winner – Elite Guardians 

Club Penguin Armies reached out to EGCP Leader Lass and PIC Commander Shallissa to acquire their feelings and opinions on their victory. 

How do you feel about winning the tournament, and what did it take to do so?

Lass: I feel great, like the opportunity we always waited for finally arriving. We have battled so long for a tournament win of the second generation. It was a beautiful and fruitful effort of our leadership, the staff and the rest of my troops. We did take a few different approaches in this tournament, like the hiatus that served us pretty well as a way of rest for preparing to bigger challenges. Apart from that, our preparation was the standard ”call everyone available and hope for the best”, and the best surely happened. This is a great moment and the beginning of a new era of EGCP protagonism. Sorte Vivve!

Shallissa: Winning the Small/Medium section of the Around the World Cup means absolutely everything to PIC. Going into this tournament it was more about just winning, it was about proving ourselves as the most dominant force within the S/M community, and proving we are strong enough to even put a dent into the Major community. In addition to our victory, we achieved both of our goals. As it stands currently (I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong), PIC is the first S/M army in the CPPS era to win three S/M tournaments (and three in a row for that matter). We have defeated every single one of our S/M opponents. And for those who question our victory against the Winged Hussars earlier this year, PIC just unanimously defeated them in our worst time zones. Our rise to the top of the S/M community can no longer be questioned or contested. I’m also not going to diminish the success of PIC’s battle against the Elite Guardians. Reaching a AUSIA size of 21 online and being the only army to beat EGCP in a room throughout the entire tournament is absolutely insane. To say I’m proud of PIC and my coleaders is an understatement. Our entire staff team has put in so much work and we are finally seeing the results we have fought so hard for.To get here it took absolutely everything. I’ve led PIC since 2021 and only now are people truly taking us seriously. But this is what the S/M community is about: Building something from scratch, being picked on by bigger armies, sticking to it even when it feels impossible, and eventually seeing the results of your determination. Patience and determination is what led to our many victories this year. It would have been so easy for our leaders to join an existing Major army, as so many S/M leaders have done. But seeing something we have poured our hearts into for so long FINALLY be given the respect and credit it deserves is worth more than any rank.

With the conclusion of this unique tournament, we have witnessed both the Elite Guardians and the People’s Imperial Confederation crowned as the Around the World Cup champions. Club Penguin Armies would like to thank all the armies participating and congratulate Elite Guardians and People’s Imperial Confederation on their tournament victory! Let us know if you would like to see another edition of this tournament next year, did you enjoy watching these battles?

Toxic Storm

Senior Reporter 

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  1. AhsokaTano24 June 2, 2024 (2:57 pm)

    Why should I congratulate EGCP when they don’t deserve the dang trophy? Im happy for PiC though.

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