Battle Report: Conclusion Of Forlosning War

Following their victory, the Water Vikings have labelled their recent conflict with the Army of Club Penguin as the Forlosning War. The war lasted over a week, seeing many intense battles and tied rooms. In the end, it was the battle last Tuesday that officially concluded the war.

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On April 25, the Army of Club Penguin (ACP) declared war on the Water Vikings who were just getting out of a war with the Templars. Unfortunately for the Water Vikings, they were not victorious against the Templars despite being the initial aggressor. Feeling like they had something to prove, the Vikings went on an impressive winning streak in the Forlosning War against the Clovers.

In the last Battle Report update, the Water Vikings were trailing ahead with a 6-1-1 war score. Over the second half of the war, the Vikings were able to double their amount of wins. Considering the war had a battle cap of 20 stated in its terms, the Water Vikings were able to peacefully declare victory. The final battle occurred on Tuesday, May 7 during EU hours, taking place across three rooms.

cove – tie

In this first room, the Vikings were able to quickly join first. Additionally, they had a size advantage of 19-11. However, judges noted that both armies were not on their best game due to messy forms. At this point, the Water Vikings were the first to bomb but sizes were no longer a deciding factor as they had evened out at 18-16. Vikings would create an upside-down “V” formation, countered by the Clover’s “V” formation.

The final fight begins

Since both armies were not making clean forms, the judges determined that the room would be a tie due to the Clovers performing better than their rivals in the last few minutes.

snow forts – water vikings

This time the first army to join the room was the Army of Club Penguin. While Water Vikings chose to make a backwards “L,” the Clovers struggled with an upside-down “V.” However, both armies suffered from idle troops not paying attention to the battle. At this point, the sizes were 17-13 in favor of the Vikings. These sizes would stay for the entirety of the room. Similarly to being the first army to enter, the Clovers were the first to bomb. Water Vikings began to pick up with a strong upside-down “V” that was covering the room.

Lag won’t stop these armies

After some time, it was observed that the Water Vikings would take this room as they had troop consistency and faster pacing.

Inside Mine – tie

Once again, the Army of Club Penguin was the first to join the room as they quickly made an upside-down “T.” On the other hand, the Water Vikings got into an “L” formation. Due to these forms, the Vikings had complete control of the chat bar. Again, both armies suffered from idle troops that disrupted their abilities to make clean forms. Then, both armies bombed and moved into their next formations. Clovers, who had created a “V,” were recovering from earlier performance, proving that even with smaller sizes the army could cover more than their opponent. Sizes were 19-15 in favor of the Vikings.

Evenly matched

Although this room was a lot stronger for both armies, there was not a clear winner. Judges noted that both armies could’ve performed better. In the end, it was a Water Vikings victory.

Another battle was scheduled for Friday, May 10; however, the Army of Club Penguin ended up not showing up. Quickly following the no-show, the Water Vikings posted an announcement to their Discord declaring themselves the victors of the Forlosning War. Noticeably, no treaty was signed to signify the end of the war.

War time is over for the Vikings

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Army of Club Penguin’s Commander in Chief, Ugly, to get his thoughts on the war he started.

I think a war was needed for ACP, and either by winning or losing it would’ve benefited us in a lot of aspects. The war of course didn’t go into our favor, but you win some and you lose some. It’s kind of how it is. We’ve learnt a lot of stuff from the war that’ll improve us even more in the future, and that’s how ACP always overcomes it’s situations and that is with self reflection and development. As much as Water Vikings wanted the Templars war, the same thing goes for us here, both armies lost but each one has or will build up, study the errors, and persevere from the situation. Congratulations to the Water Vikings on their win and see you soon.

Despite tension between the two armies boiling over to get to this moment, the war appears to have ended fairly amicably. In the end, both armies were able to learn something and grow stronger because of it. When will the two meet again in battle?


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