A Holy Return: Echo Returns To Templars Leadership

Echo has reclaimed his sceptre as he ascends to the leadership of the Templars once again. Following the conclusion of the Sluttpådawn war, the Templars see a bright future ahead.

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On Monday, April 22nd, 2024, Echo spontaneously returned to the Templars’ leadership. Templars’ leader Dawnables brought this news to light shortly after the Sluttpådawn war concluded, in which the Templars declared their victory.

Dawn revealing Echo’s return to the Templars’ leadership

Echo last led the Templars in 2022, before he departed from the army in June of that year. His reign as Leader spanned nearly two years. He originally gained the position in October 2020. During that time, he became an iconic Templars leader, leading them to great strengths. He led the army to victory in multiple wars and into a golden generation, alongside others.

This decade was not the only one where Echo showed his presence within the community. He joined the army community in 2015 when he joined the Blue Miners Army. The following year, he enlisted in the Ice Warriors for a short while. Yet, his most notable moments were still to come, however. He soon retired from armies, until he began playing Club Penguin Online in 2019. Xing took the chance to recruit Echo off the game. This triggered his interest in armies again. In comparison to the last time he was in armies, he was passionate and ambitious. He was ready to face any challenge.

By December 2019, he claimed the prestigious title of the Grand Prior (Leader) in Templars. However, a month later, he was given a six-month ban from the army. This was due to him getting in a fight with high commanding members. Sometime after this, he began working on his own Club Penguin private server, Penguin Remix. The game soon partnered with the Templars, allowing him to re-enter the army as a Leader-In-Training and to start what would be an incredible journey. He is also a Legend within the Templars’ army.

Filled with curiosity, Club Penguin Armies approached Echo for an interview to learn more about his return.

What fueled your motivation to join the Templars initially?

My motivation to rejoin templar’s leadership is because I believe that now more than ever I would be able to grab templars and lead them to many more great victories as I’ve done before. I retired originally because of time constraints and other real life matters. However, those circumstances have changed and I truly believe that Templars needs a leader that will continue to drive templars down the path of infamy that it had in terms of how ferocious we’d be in battles. As the most recent wars have shown we still have what it takes to come out ahead no matter what.

How do you feel at this historical moment of you becoming a leader again?

As I reclaim leadership, I feel a profound sense of responsibility. This historical moment calls for commitment to our cause and our future. I am eager to begin working on our next big things.

What were your favorite moments in Templars, yet?

My favorite moment isn’t really a “moment” because It was a conjunction of moments but definitely 2021-2022 was a great “moment” or era for me because of how close I was with all of the staff and troops and fellow leaders at the time. I enjoyed going to battles and attending events with them on a near daily basis.

Do you have any promises or goals that you wish to fulfil or reach during this reign that you could not previously?

I aspire to realize the full potential of our army, foster growth, and unity for all of the templar knights. I promise to honor he legacy left by previous leaders and build a brighter future.

Do you have a message to your army and the army community?

To the fellow templar knights and the army community, I extend the following message: Let us stand firm, guided by virtues of courage, wisdom, and justice. We shall overcome any challenge and obstacle that is thrown at us. If you want war we will give you war, but I assure you that you will be left with no land, and no home.

Echo enters the Templars’ leadership for a third time, filled with anticipation of a better future within his army. As Echo cherishes this beautiful moment, what do you think he will be able to achieve under his leadership? Do you have similar aspirations within your army for your future? Do you believe he will be successful in his third reign?

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