Belga Steps Down From Elite Guardians Leadership

For the second time in their new generation, the Elite Guardians see a leader retire. After leading the army since its reopening, it was time for Belga to step down and leave the seat for the next leader to take.

Belga Retires

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Belga joined the army community in November 2017, after coming across an Elite Guardians event on Club Penguin Brasil, a famous Brazilian pirate server at the time. Even though he had no access to Discord back then, Belga attended every event by checking the ‘next events’ section on the army’s website. Therefore, after a few days, he self-enlisted in the army and officially became a recruit.

Until the army’s closure on January 27th, 2020, Belga remained loyal to the Guardians. Through his commendable hard work and recruiting efforts, Belga attained the Troop of the Month award in July 2018. Moreover, he kept progressing in the ranks. Some months later, Belga reached the rank of Lieutenant Colonel (third-in-command). As a part of the army’s Higher Command, he assisted in internal affairs, website management, and recruitment. During his time in the army’s first generation, Belga saw them face numerous challenges and win many wars and tournaments. From conflicts such as World War VII, and countless wars against the Templars to tournaments such as Christmas Chaos 2017 and Legends Cup IX, Belga acquired valuable experience.   

Belga war training

Belga in an EGCP War Training, January 2nd, 2018

Given his vast experience as an Elite Guardians veteran, Belga was invited to rebuild the dormant empire through his participation in the army’s second generation. But, now, as the 11th Leader. Thus, he bravely took the challenge of leading an army for the very first time in his career, being in office since the Guardians’ revival on May 4th, 2023. Throughout his stint, he led the army to great heights, as showcased in the Top Ten 2023 Statistics. He also led the Guardians in major conflicts, such as World War IX, the summer war against the Army of Club Penguin, and most recently the Christmas Crusade. In terms of tournaments, Belga conducted his army during the Legends Cup XIII, the Grand Finals of Christmas Chaos XIII, and the latest iteration of New Year Bonanza.

To honor his work and bid him farewell, a retirement event was held today, February 10th, with 33 penguins attending. This ceremony officially marked his departure as a leader and his inclusion in the advisory of the army. Although Belga has always been a reserved and quiet person, his work as a leader and veteran spoke volumes about his dedication and concern for the internal growth of the army.


Belga’s Retirement Event

Club Penguin Armies sat down with Belga to learn more about his retirement and his plans for the future.

What is the reason behind your retirement?

I think for the same reason that the vast majority retire: responsibilities from the other life. This ended up generating a lack of time to dedicate to the EGCP, and the best thing to do was to step down as a leader.

You have been leading EGCP since its revival last year. What kind of an impact do you think your retirement will have on the army?

I hope it will have a positive impact. I am truly viewing my retirement in a positive light. I believe that my departure will open doors for positive changes for the army, a new perspective, you know? I have no doubt that the remaining staff will continue to do a spectacular job after my departure.

What has been the best part about leading EGCP? How has being a Leader helped you, if in any way, as a person?

One of my favorite things about armies in general is seeing all these amazing people from different places coming together for the same group. Being one of the people at the center of this was simply incredible. My favorite part was being able to lead all these amazing people towards the same goal. Of course, I have been present in the EGCP for 6 years, including the time it was closed. It changed me so much as a person, altering the way I communicate with people and opening me up to meet new people and all because of a simple penguin game.

Were you able to execute all that you had planned for the army during your time as a Leader?

I would say no. I can quickly think of some tournaments I would have liked to win before leaving. Additionally, there were some internal projects and ideas that I didn’t have time to complete, but I believe the rest of the team won’t have any trouble finishing them. And certainly, I believe they will win those tournaments that I couldn’t.

Could you share some of your favorite moments or memories from the army with me, if it’s not too personal?

Honestly, my best memories aren’t from when we played CP. Of course, there were incredible moments, like EGCP’s anniversary and Christmas Chaos, but my favorite moments were during the calls, playing something random like Gartic or just talking in the chat. They were simply amazing moments that I will never forget.

Do you think you will come back sometime in the future?

Of course, EGCP is my home, it always will be. Whenever they need me to participate in a tournament, make a post, or just play a little, I’ll be there.

Any final words or advice that you would like to give to EGCP’s staff team and the army at large?

Just keep going. I loved being alongside such amazing and dedicated people. I hope you continue with all that dedication to make EGCP the biggest army of all and to make it last until the sun explodes.

Sticking to the same army for more than six years is undoubtedly no easy task. However, Belga’s work for all those years highlighted his loyalty. We, at Club Penguin Armies, wish Belga the very best of luck in his future endeavors. It seems he is confident that the Guardians will keep the momentum going. Who will fill the vacant seat in the leadership? Do you think the Elite Guardians will win a tournament in 2024?

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