Behind the Scenes: Dawnables

Welcome back to Behind The Scenes, the column where we delve into the day-to-day life of a community member. In this edition, we will explore the life of Dawnables, who currently works as a Reporter at Club Penguin Armies.

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Dawn was recruited in Club Penguin Rewritten in June 2019, her first venture being the Red Rebellion, a rebellion against the Lime Green Army. Following this, she joined the Lime Green Army, soon after which she associated herself with Recon Federation in November/December. At the beginning of 2020, Dawn joined the Army Of Club Penguin for a moderator rank under Koloway in February, however after the Clovers went to war, she would go on to join the Templars. Apart from this, she also spent some time at the Help Force, as well as at the Romans. Eventually, she retired from armies and focused on real life. However, in the summer of 2022, she made a return to Discord joining the Knights once again as a Captain, one of the staff ranks within the army. From this, she eventually worked her way up to being a leader.

She was inducted as a Leader of the Knights in November 2022 and has been leading the army since then. Under her leadership, the army has not only been involved in several wars, including World War IX but has also participated in several tournaments. The Templars performed exceptionally well in tournaments like the March Madness VIII and the Legends Cup XIII. and has been showing consistent progress along the way. Dawn has been a key force in driving this progress and her dedication and commitment to shaping the army has been commendable.

A recent Templars event

After Xing retired last year, Dawnables was inducted as the Empress of the Templars, and since then, she has played an integral part in the army, excelling in her role as their leader. In her opinion, balancing real life and army responsibilities can be a challenging task, and hence, being part of the army solely for enjoyment is more practical for her. Apart from being a leader, she serves as a Reporter for Club Penguin Armies and ever since her joining, has been consistently delivering compelling articles and news for all to enjoy.

Club Penguin Armies approached Dawnables for an interview to get to know her more and who she is behind the scenes.

Who is Dawnables behind the scenes?

I’m just a normal person I still go to high school and spend time on Templars and maintain the upkeep of the army.

What other hobbies and interests do you have besides CPA?

I play a lot of guitar in my freetime and play games on my pc during my breaks.

Do you play Club Penguin separately from armies?

not anymore since I don’t have the free time like that but play Club Penguin ever so often still just to play minigames and get stamps.

What game would you play apart from CPA?

I play a lot of Fortnite just as a casual game but I like longer games that have storylines like the last of us or uncharted. Aside from those games I also like to play minecraft and play random servers.

What do you do on a typical day, do you study in school or college?

Well in school my classes are focused on the medical field, so all I study is anatomy/biology and medical assistance. I also have to study a lot for my AP class, especially with exams season after spring break but other than that I usually don’t come home with work from school unless it’s my college-level classes.

Thank you for the interview, Dawnables. It seems that Dawn is determined to pursue their dreams in real life. They have a clear goal and are making every effort to achieve it. What does the future hold for Dawn? 

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