Empress of Tomorrow: Dawn Becomes Templars’ Empress

As of last Sunday, Dawn is the Empress of the Knights. After Xing’s retirement, the Templars now have a Queen ruling over the army.

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On September 10th, Dawnables made an official announcement on the Templars server stating that she would be taking over the role of Empress within the army and would now be recognized as the main leader of the Knights. Following Xing’s departure, at the beginning of this year, the Templars were in a state of rebuilding their Empire and were functioning without a main leader. With Dawn’s ascension to the throne, the structure of leadership is back to how Xing has envisioned it to be for his army.

Dawn’s announcement

Dawn joined the army community back in 2019. Since then, she has served as a member of Staff for many armies, some of them being – Third in Command in the Lime Green Army, Staff in the Help Force, and a Moderator of high ranks in the Army of Club Penguin. She retired from armies in 2020 but returned to the community in the summer of 2022 as a Staff member for the Templars. She was soon inducted as a Leader of the Knights in the month of November and has been commanding the army since then. Under her leadership, the army has not only been involved in several wars, including World War IX, but has also participated in community tournaments like the March Madness VIII, and the Legends Cup XIII.
Apart from this, the Templars have also recently dominated the Top Ten list after receiving a total score of 56.66, and have been on an upward journey since then. It is certain that Dawn has been one of the consistent forces in shaping the army for what it is currently, achieving progress bit by bit along the way.

A recent Templars event

Club Penguin Armies had the opportunity to reach out to Dawn and learn her thoughts on becoming the Empress of the army.

How does it feel to be an Empress of the Knights?

It feels good to finally obtain the rank I’ve been working for all year. All my hard work has completely paid off and I finally have that satisfaction once more of reaching another important milestone in the army.

For people who are not aware of this Title and its purpose and functions, how would you describe your role as an Empress? And how would it be different from that of a Grand Prior, if at all it is different?

The rank as Empress is the same as Emperor, our Emperor is still Xing given he’s our creator. This rank means we have a main leader for the army to look to just like when Xing was around. The rank is extremely different from the Grand Prior because the Empress handles everything and Grand Priors mostly focus on internal Templars and helping out in the areas that I can’t always reach. The leadership is back to how it was before Xing retired in short.

What does it mean to you personally to have been accredited with this role?

It means a lot that Xing gave the green light for me to receive the rank. I’ve been working tirelessly and making every situation we face turn in our favor. My work is far from being over, but I finally get to have full reigns over the army and give our troops a main leader to look to in times of need for support.

As the main leader of the Templars now, what plans/ideas have you envisioned for the future of the army, and how do you wish to execute/achieve these?

As far as Templars, we continue growing. Our ambitions for war and to continue expanding the empire won’t ever go away and that’s something the leadership as a whole can dwell on. I plan on mostly keeping the army stable throughout the September drop and making sure that we continue making strides in the right direction. As far as the future, that’s unknown given we do what we can as time goes on.

Given that you have been around in the army community for quite some time and have also led Templars for a while, what are some of the experiences that you have learned from as a leader or otherwise that you would like to bring to the table of the army as the Empress?

I’ve learned a lot about people skills and how much it can affect leading as a whole during my time leading Templars. It’s easier to lead now that I had my time as Grand Prior making small mistakes alongside my co-leaders and we learned how to lead together. Since I’ve been around the community the longest and have a lot of self-determination to keep Templars motivated and continue learning alongside me. The army as a whole has become adjusted to my leadership and how I am as a person which is a huge thing and important to me upholding the rank of Empress.

How would you wish the army to be under your reign?

The army will continue to be fruitful and we will continue creating our own history while we can. Of course I’d hope we become a dominant force again, but that comes in due time.

What are some of the things that you look forward to, now that you are the Empress?

I mainly look forward to engaging in wars and tournaments. Not much is going to change, given I’ve been the main leader for months now but I will have complete reigns over everything and not need to discuss with my other leaders. It also marks a new beginning for Templars. Losing our Emperor took a huge toll on us and how our army functioned and we’ve had a void of not having a main leader to look to all the time. The rank gives new hope and history to be created under my leadership and to continue our path to being a successful army.

Any advice or words of encouragement that you would like to give to your fellow leaders, staff team, and the troops of Templars, as their Empress?

It’s not really easy to stick around, but receiving rewards is 100% worth it. As far as Templars go, anyone can lead now. Everyone has an opportunity once again to lead Templars just like Xing used to give everyone a chance if they put in the effort. To my staff, I’m grateful they stand by me throughout everything, even my worst moments, and they will always have my back and I’ll always have theirs. Other than that my troops know that I care for them and that this army is always going to reflect ourselves and each person truly does make this army what it is.

It seems that Dawn is determined to ensure that greatness prevails over the Knights. We wish her and the Templars, the very best in all of their future endeavors and look forward to their journey beyond.

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