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Welcome to another endearing edition of Behind the Scenes, the column where we have a deeper dive into the day-to-day lives of our very own staff members. In today’s edition, we talk to an avid newcomer to the community! JevTheJester is an active member of our personality-filled staff, working hard on the Community Committee and the Moderator Team.


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It was on the 14th of August 2023 when this American girl, Jev, stumbled into armies by getting swooped up by, recently inducted Water Vikings Leader, Mei. Recruited by her on the New Club Penguin Discord, Jev quickly found herself within the Vikings’ ranks. Since then, Jev has gone on to work hard within the legendary Viking army and stormed up the ranks to Viking Guard, a respectable moderator position. Furthermore, she also became an avid member of the Community Committee and the Moderator Team. Even though she is new in the community, Jev has driven in and become an active member of it. And now has set sight to work hard as a part of the long-standing army community.

As a part of the Water Vikings, Jev witnessed the impressive growth of the long-standing army and was a part of WV’s most recent triumph: victory at Christmas Chaos XIII. There, they managed to beat the Elite Guardians at a nail-biting tournament finals. Moreover, the Vikings also placed second in the most recent weekly Top Ten Armies making it their second time this year. All this has left Jev even more eager to help the army grow.

Water Vikings at Christmas Chaos XIII

While armies became a passion for Jev in her recent history, it is the fascination of Club Penguin itself that Jev finds herself enjoying. The game has been an interest of hers since early childhood and something she found herself drawn to. Thus, with armies, she found herself in awe of nostalgia and used it to fuel her goals and aspirations within the community. Moreover, Jev finds herself gravitating towards a quick gander around NewCP and Club Penguin Journey.

Although armies are a big part of her life, Jev finds herself involved with other communities and games, as well as a life of her own. Therefore, Club Penguin Armies talked with Jev in a sit-and-tell-all interview. We talked about their CPA future, life away from armies, and more!

Jev, what inspired you to join the CPA team?

Well, when it came to joining the moderation team, it was suggested to me that I should join. I thought about it throughout the day before eventually deciding to apply. As for the community committee, well it was similar situation of it being suggested and me considering it. Both ideas were good choices in my opinion.

Tell us about what you get up to outside of armies! What are your hobbies and things you enjoy?

Well, like playing games like Team Fortress 2, Roblox, Minecraft, and the other games on my Steam library. I also like creating art on my phone and I also like to hang out with my online buddies. Outside of that, I go to an online school that takes quite a bit of my time.

You mentioned you were a big Club Penguin player growing up before joining armies. Do you still play Club Penguin away from armies regularly?

I haven’t played another CPPS other than Battleground for awhile but when I have free time, I do like to play other CPPS’. Mainly Journey and NewCP. My favourite game must be hydro hopper, a game that I find myself playing a lot when a log on.

Jev, As a relatively new member of the community, what are your goals for your CPA career?

My biggest goal is to work my way to Higher Command in Water Vikings. I also have the goal of helping WV win as many tournaments as possible and continue to help them grow as much as possible. I’d love to be leader eventually but, online school keeps me extremely busy and so I don’t see myself being leader, at least during early to middle 2024.

Awesome! Relating to being new, you managed to impressively get to Viking Guard quite quickly. What advice do you have for other new people in the community to achieve the same?

Well, of course, it’s good to be active while also keeping your life in control when things get busy. Being friendly is another thing. As I believe that helpfulness and friendliness is good in someone with a staff position, troops look up to you and you set an example.

Do you think you’ll have a long-lasting journey within CPA?

I believe and hope so. I love this community and don’t have any plans of quitting anytime soon!

Thank you for your time today, Jev! Do you have anything you’d like to add?

Peace and Love

Thank you Jev for the wonderful and insightful interview into your life! It is clear to see that she is already beginning to make herself stand out as an active and respected community member. Jev has an eagerness to succeed and do what she can for her army and the community as a whole. Undoubtedly, she has a bright future within the community in sight. What do you think of Jev’s story? Will Jev be able to succeed in the future? Let us know what you think!

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