How Armies Are Preparing For March Madness IX?

With the spring season approaching, another edition of March Madness is around the corner. Some armies are already preparing strategies to go all out in the tournament. How are they doing that?

March Madness

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The history of March Madness (often referred to as MM) goes back to 2013 when Club Penguin Armies Central [CPAC] held the first edition of this classical tournament. Given the initial success, the organization decided to host three more editions, until 2016. However, because of Club Penguin’s shutdown and CPAC’s subsequent closure, the tournament was put on a halt. It was only in 2020 that March Madness started to become a tradition once again. For the first time in the Club Penguin Pirate Server era, MM was held, now by the Club Penguin Online Army League. Later iterations were held by Club Penguin Armies Headquarters and Club Penguin Army Network

March Madness IV Finals: Army Republic vs. Nachos vs. Night Warriors

Now, the ninth rendition of the tournament is on the horizon as February comes to a close. The competition is notorious for being controversial and bringing competition to new heights for the community. Last year, the Rebel Penguin Federation earned the crown after the final battle against the Help Force.

In a tournament that is – literally – defined by its madness, armies must begin preparations early. Whether it is through massive recruitment projects or internal amusement to pump up the hype, armies are doing their best to prepare for this tournament.

MM VIII Qualifiers: Army of Club Penguin vs. Water Vikings

How is your army preparing for March Madness IX?

Army of Club Penguin: We’ve had a couple new key additions to our staff team recently that would work towards the project we have set, as well as published a massive spreadsheet having every single EU time zone member in our server for our staff to activate accounts for as our top priority right now is to strengthen the EU division. There’s a lot of other stuff behind closed doors that aren’t necessarily shown but all part of the plan. You have to set the vision for every one of your staff for goals and plans like these. The plan is simple, and it is to win this tournament no matter what.

Penguins of Madagascar: Our team is really locked in on recruiting for AUSIA and EU divisions. We are experimenting with other forms of recruiting and training every chance we get.

People’s Imperial Confederation: We will start preparations by being the goofiest goobers.

Special Weapons and Tactics: Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) is preparing vigorously for the March Madness tournament, as well as for the future.

We have seen a large-scale influx of new troops in the army, most of which have rich experience in armies. Our rate of recruiting and enlisting has visibly increased from what it was in the past. We are improving our services in our Discord server, as well, to retain activity and improve the quality of content and resources. Theoretically speaking, SWAT can improve its performance, if it focuses on petty factors including resources, as well. By resources, we mean small things like ranks, guides, automation, and information.

SWAT recently saw several iterations of practice battles against the Dark Vikings (DV). These battles helped us analyze what had went wrong, and we proceeded to identify solutions to counter these issues. SWAT is not having any conflict, from the outside or within the inside, which is a plus to our fortune. Additionally, we have been preparing for the month of March beforehand. In conclusion, it appears that SWAT is consistently arming itself for March Madness at a considerably sufficient level. We are gaining the strength we require in the coming months. And, the SWAT Corporation is satisfied to having its fundamental tasks being fulfilled! Salutations on behalf of the Agents and the Agency!

Water Vikings: We’re preparing in many ways. Just yesterday we announced the rehiring of Df44 and Dillon to help boost morale and supplement our recently thinning staff team. We’re also getting troops excited. Water Vikings (WV) went on a Cinderella run in Christmas Chaos XIII and still did very well in New Year Bonanza (NYB) despite not making the finals. We’re having our troops build up the hype to continue to replicate the success. Admittedly we have been having some post-NYB hangover but just this past week we’ve been starting to get an idea of where we want to go internally and we’re excited to make a genuine push for MM. WV should’ve beat Ice Warriors in 2022, and we were humiliated by Army of Club Penguin last year. This cannot happen again. No more heartbreak. We want to end to get over this MM hump. Winning CC was amazing, for sure, but we don’t want it to just be a small diamond in the rough. It’s time WV builds off of it and go for a repeat major tournament wise.

Certainly, with all the hard work these armies are putting in, we are set for a good show. The winner of March Madness IX marks the last winner before double digits. Who will be able to overcome the madness?

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