HCOM Life Stories: Nicoolas01 from Winged Hussars

Welcome to the thirty-fourth edition of the “Higher Command Life Stories” column. In this week’s edition we got in touch with Nicoolas01, who currently holds the rank of second-in-command in the Winged Hussars.

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Nicoolas01 joined the army community just two months ago, on 14th November, 2023. On this day, he was playing New Club Penguin where he met Eden, Ripman, Shinzo, and another Winged Hussars member. He got a recruiting message from them, as he met them at the time of their recruiting sessions. Although he did not fully understand what he was getting into back then, he thought it was a good idea worth exploring. He has stayed loyal to the Winged Hussars, climbing through the ranks while getting to know the army community better.

During the Christmas season, Nicoolas received the rank of Rotmistrz, one of the highest ranks in the army. At this time, the Parliament (Sejm) of the Winged Hussars opened. The leaders of the army chose him to join it as a Szlachta and become an official member of the Sejm. By accepting that offer he became a part of the army’s higher command, getting involved in more important matters of WH. He ascended to the position of Marszałek, equivalent to second-in-command, on the 19th of January, 2024.

Winged Hussars’ Operation Chocim

On December 17th, 2023, the Winged Hussars hosted an event to be granted official army status. For Nicoolas, it is the most memorable moment in his journey thus far. In addition, he mentions the celebration on the WH main chat, describing it as a very good memory. As a member of the higher command, Nicoolas’ main task is assisting the leaders and helping them. He also enjoys thinking of new ways to make the army gain more confidence. In his opinion, the best part of being an HCOM is the ability to give honest feedback and suggest changes.

Winged Hussars’ re-opening event

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Nicoolas01 to find out more about his goals and feelings about his journey.

Nicoolas, what are your feelings about the entire journey? Are you happy you got the chance to join the armies?

I would never regret joining the Winged Hussar Army and the CPA community, I’m here I think of everyone as a friend, even after I fight a war against them. I became good friends with a lot of people inside and outside of my own army. I got the opportunity to meet new people all around the world, share fun time with them, host community events, fight alongside or against each others and this really made the time I put in this community worth it.

Do you have any goals related to Winged Hussars?

I don’t have any specific goals or at least I already achieved my goal I wanted to be a Marshal and I got to it on the 19th of January 2024. For now I’m not interested in evolving into a Winged Hussar monarch but I’ll maybe change my mind as time passes.

Is there anyone who inspired you to get this far during your journey?

I didn’t get any inspiration really, I was just here at the right time and had free time during event hours. I always adapt my life schedule to anything and The Winged Hussars claimed an empty spot in my everyday life. I just got lucky in a sense.

Do you have any advice for those who want to be an HCOM one day?

I don’t really have any advice to give to people that want to become Hcom in the future except work for it. It’s the only way to achieve anything in life. If it’s your dream in life, then you’ll be able to become one naturally.

During his short but exciting journey, Nicoolas has had the opportunity to meet new people and get to know Club Penguin army community better. It is visible that he is passionate about being a higher command and enjoys being a part of the community. Do you think Nicoolas will become a leader in the future? Will the community witness him doing great things for Winged Hussars?

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