Christmas Chaos XIII: Semi Finals Results

The Semi-Finals of the Christmas Chaos XIII have finally concluded after a great performance shown by all armies in this round. Two armies have set the grand finals stage to fight for the title of ultimate winner.

The Semi-Finals of the Christmas Chaos XIII saw two battles take place. On the 16th of December, the Army of Club Penguin and Water Vikings faced a very intense battle. The day later, we saw the Rebel Penguin Federation take on the Elite Guardians, which was considered a heated-up clash. Let us go further over these battles.

Army of Club Penguin vs. Water Vikings

Throughout this battle, we have seen insane effort put in by the two armies to win this round. Water Vikings were seen in the first room having cleaner formations whilst having the size advantage, allowing them to win room one. The second room was the closest, as both armies had similar performances. ACP was slightly faster than the previous room, matching WV’s pace. However, this was not enough to secure a win in the room, as the Vikings still held a healthy size advantage. Therefore, this room saw a tie. The last room was not any different from the first room, as WV gained their lead from before and ACP’s forms were more messy and disorganized, allowing WV to win the third room. Therefore, Water Vikings were deemed victors of this battle with a 2-1-0 score, contrary to what was predicted. The Army of Club Penguin had many AFK troops and disorganized formations throughout the battle. If they were to maneuver around those errors they would have had the upper hand against their opponent.

Winner: Water Vikings

Christmas Chaos XIII

WV vs. ACP – Room 1

Elite Guardians of Club Penguin vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

Despite the results, this might have been the closest battle in this round so far. We have seen Elite Guardians pull off an extraordinary size of 50+ troops going into this battle, while RPF had about 30+. Regardless of the huge size difference, the Rebel Penguin Federation put the challenge on EGCP, showcasing a fast performance, with clean formations. This case seemed to be true throughout the entire battle, as the Rebels matched the Guardians’ performance. Nevertheless, with a 20+ size difference, the Elite Guardians managed to win all three rooms. Therefore, the battle resulted in a 3-0-0 for the Elite Guardians. Many admitted that if the Rebel Penguin Federation brought down the size difference, the battle would have gone very differently.

Winner: Elite Guardians of Club Penguin

Christmas Chaos XIII

RPF vs. EGCP – Room 3

With two well-fought battles, the Semi-Finals of the Christmas Chaos XIII have come to an end. On the last Saturday of the year, we will finally find out who will be crowned the Christmas champion in a very entertaining battle. We, at Club Penguin Armies, congratulate the Water Vikings and Elite Guardians for their notable performance going into the finals. We greatly respect the Army of Club Penguin and Rebel Penguin Federation for their exceptional efforts in this tournament. Who do you think will be the winner of the Christmas Chaos XIII?

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