Christmas Chaos XIII: Semi-Finals Predictions

Christmas Chaos XIII is almost over, with only four armies remaining to battle it out in two semi-final battles. With intense battles scheduled to take place, the community is conflicted about who will advance to the finals.

Christmas Chaos Predictions

The Quarter-Finals saw the Army of Club Penguin, Water Vikings, Elite Guardians of Club Penguin, and the Rebel Penguin Federation progressing to the next round of Christmas Chaos XIII. This has created two exciting matchups that are bound to be tough for all armies involved. Club Penguin Armies has sought out the views of the community to learn who they predict will win.

Army of Club Penguin vs. Water Vikings

The Army of Club Penguin has proven themselves as a tournament-winning machine, coming out victorious in both Legends Cup XIII and the Trick or Treat Trials this year. They have also dominated the Top Tens, gaining first place numerous times. The Water Vikings have also proven themselves in various tournaments, making it to the finals of AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition and Legends Cup XII. Moreover, the Vikings also displayed their strength in World War IX, making them a tough competitor for the Clovers. With two powerhouses facing each other, who the community predicts will win?

ACP battling RPF in the Legends Cup XIII Finals

NIKO, Help Force: ACP wins 2-1-0. ACP will definitely win, because they will have much more active troops, but i dont expect an easy fight.

Pingo, POM Leader: ACP wins 2-1-0. ACP will probably nudge WV off by 2 rooms to 1, size wize it makes sense but i would not be suprissed if the Vikings won.

Fulcrum, Templars: ACP wins 3-0-0. ACP will win! I have faith in them as their cheerleader!

Alu, PIC Leader: 2-1-0 ACP. They’ve had some great performances in recent tournaments and always put on an amazing display, WV could maybe pull a room back for a draw but overall I think ACP will win.

Lass, EGCP Leader: I am betting on WV for this. I am feeling that this will be one of the good old against all of the odds story. The Vikings will face a pretty rough battle against the Clovers, giving their last bit of effort to overcome a great challenge. Thusly, I believe the results will be (2-1-1) on Overtime for the Water Vikings. 


Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Elite Guardians of Club Penguin

The Rebel Penguin Federation is renowned for its tournament victories. In 2022, the rebels won Christmas Chaos XII. The Elite Guardians of Club Penguin have had great success on the Top Tens this year, often winning first place. The Guardians commonly max strongly in their EU and US events, and it is not uncommon for them to max 30+ on regular events, something that other armies struggle to do. This will undoubtedly be a close fight between two tough competitors.

EGCP at a recent event

Niko, Help Force: EGCP wins 3-0-0. EGCP will definitely win against RFP. Even though RPF is known for winning A LOT of tourneys, i think EGCP will beat them… i think the guardians will have a size advantage against the rebels.

JevTheJester, Water Vikings: RPF wins 2-1-0. I believe rpf will be having a strong start for rooms 1 and 2 while egcp has a catch-up on room 3. But rpf winning the first 2 rooms results in an rpf win. Rpf and egcp both are of different powers but i can see egcp trying hard, giving the room 3 triumph. I believe in both armies and wish them both luck nevertheless.

Thunder, DV Leader: EGCP wins 1-0-2 (W-L-T). EGCP vs RPF is going to be an interesting battle, Both sides have a good quality leaders and recruitment, but i have a big dibs favor on EGCP, said army will probably pull little less like they did in Legend Cup XIII, EGCP vs RPF will probably end with 1 win with EGCP, 2 drawn room’s.

Pingo, POM Leader: RPF wins 1-0-3 (OT). I imagine RPF winning just slightly against EGCP, mostly due to their rich history in moments like these, 3 ties between both and in OT RPF edges out, if it a landslide OT or the judges dont feel like making DOT is up to you to decide.

Fulcrum, TCP HCOM: EGCP wins 3-0-0. I believe EGCP will do awesome and beat the crap out of RPF!

With the community bearing conflicted opinions, the only way to truly know who will win is to wait for the battles that will take place this weekend. The winners of these two exciting matches will move on to the finals. Therefore, who do YOU think will win and advance? 

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