Community Reacts to Christmas Chaos XIII Quarter-Finals

After a thrilling quarter-final round in the Christmas Chaos, the Club Penguin Army community witnessed some battles not taking place due to a few armies not showing. With many mixed feelings and opinions circling, we will dive into the community’s initial reaction.

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On Saturday, the Help Force battled against the Water Vikings, followed by the Templars facing the Rebel Penguin Federation. Fortunately, both battles did occur and we’ve seen the Water Vikings and Rebel Penguin Federation emerge victorious to advance into the next round. We reached out to several members of the community and army leaders to give their thoughts about how the battles transpired.

Help Force vs. Water Vikings 

Initial Reactions:

Community Reacts 1

Cabin, Water Vikings Leader: It was euphoric to hear that we won against the Help Force. Although I could not be there, I am more than proud that my fellow leaders were able to sweep all three rooms. Simply, Saturday’s victory reveals to the community that we continue to be capable of great things. Regardless, we have another tournament battle on the horizon and it is imperative that we prepare for another victory.

Jo, Help Force Leader: Water Vikings were a tough opponent. The battle was intense the entire time, apart from that one time WV left the room and left us to battle the judges. Although I disagree with the score, particularly in room 3, I can see why WV won. All I can say is the battle was really intense, especially with how even the sizes were, and we had a fun time. I can agree that WV won, but I still think room 3 should’ve at least been a tie.

Aaronstone, Army Legend: I thought it was a fantastic battle. Both armies performed extremely well. Though it is a bit extra sweet on the WV side because up until then WV had never defeated HF in a tournament battle and we had a ton of veterans from previous battles vs HF attend so it added a bit more of a special feeling to it

Da Best, Judge: The HF WV battle was pretty close size wise altho it was seen that WV was better at finding forms to cover HF without having to use that many BWBs. Creation in forms and tactics is very important in battles and I hope the next year CC lets HF have better luck and hopefully the year practise helps out (hey I can say that as I ain’t gonna be around for next year’s CC)

Templars vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

Initial Reactions:

Community Reacts 2

Link3000, RPF Leader: It was a very good battle as you would expect and hope in big tournaments with 2 large armies going against each other. TCP really showed up with the numbers and they put up a very good fight. Obviously I was happy with the results and proud of the troops and staff. Props to TCP for the battle.

Dawn, Templars leader: The battle was amazing for the Templars given we were able to tie 2 rooms and only lost in one. This battle meant a lot for us in general because all of our veterans came back and showed up for this battle and gave it their all. I’m proud of Nicky for handling the battle and leading as good as he did. Overall I’m glad we were able to have this battle because it truly shows the Templars has not lost its strength and we can put up a good fight still.

Zay, Community Committee: Well, the battle came to much of a surprise to me when it went down. Of course, I mutually had eyes on TCP and RPF throughout the battle, especially with Templars having an advantage over the Rebels. But the sudden change of the tides in favor of the Rebels when Room 3 rolled around surprised me, with a handful of members waking up to overtake the Templars to secure their spot into the next round of Christmas Chaos. I say this was a pretty solid battle from both armies!

Alemax, Top Ten Committee: Overcame my expectations, as both armies fought a great battle. As expected from RPF to win, although TCP put in a very good fight. The results were surprising, as it ended with such an unusual score.

Riley, CPA Youtuber: From watching the video of the battle I personally though that TCP won room 1 and that room 2 was a tie and RPF won room 3, so I was surprised when I saw the results that there was a tie for the first two rooms so i was personally surprised there wasn’t an overtime. even though RPF had a slight size advantage it didn’t make a massive difference within the battle due to the amount of AFK troops. i can still understand how the judges came to the decisions that they did I just that an overtime may have been beneficial in this specific battle due to it being a more evenly matched battle in my opinion.

On Sunday, the Army of Club Penguin was up against the People’s Imperial Confederation while the Elite Guardians faced Special Weapons and Tactics. We unfortunately weren’t able to witness these exciting battles happen as both PIC and SWAT did not show up. Thus we gathered thoughts and opinions from army leaders and the community about these battles.

Army of Club Penguin vs. People’s Imperial Confederation

Initial Reactions:

Community Reacts 3

Austinfraud, ACP leader:

Alu, PIC leader: My favourite part was when we dressed up as DV during the ACP – DV war and claimed to win 3-0

Mei, Reporter in Training: Honestly, last thing I expected is PIC not showing up. I was honestly hoping that they will show up and show their abilities even if they wouldn’t win.

Superhero123, CPA Advisor: In general I believe an army should show up regardless of how unlikely they are on to win, its much more honorable. On my experience it also pushes the smaller army to show up a much better performance than usual. The recruiting and grinding results in the army expanding despite the possible loss, and it is also good battle practice for leaders and troops.

Orange, CPA Advisor: OH MY GOODNESS, what a performance we saw from the Army of Club Penguin, managing to log on and complete thier event. Wow wow wow. And PIC? Mannnn a little disapointed by them as I bet Wynn’s house and Mare’s mom that they would beat POM, so I had at least SOME confidence they would show up and put a fight. But its okay, we move on to the next round of this tournament. Will ACP use this momentum? Will PIC show up at another battle? Excited to find out!

Elite Guardians vs. Special Weapons and Tactics

Initial Reactions:

Community Reacts 4

Lass, Elite Guardians leader: My thoughts on the SWAT battle, if there is much to describe it, is that it was a demonstration of a lack of dignity, since they did not show up on purpose and, after the battle, spend their time mocking how we ”wasted pings on them”. The next battle shall grant the change of pace that we need, after all, we are going to be battling an actual formidable opponent this time. I’m pretty excited for the thrilled battle that we will have against RPF.

Fun X Time, SWAT leader: SWAT did not take the contest seriously because we were willing to improve. CCXIII was just to test ourselves how we are doing in December. Hosting events normally is ideal, presently. In fact, something is better than nothing, so why not partake in the CCXIII? The primary reason SWAT did not show up was because we did not have any Commander to lead around the given time. Knowing the situation, we simply ignored the battle. We should not be wasting time over an ordinary opponent that is suspected to have troopstolen SWAT members recently. Simply put, they are not a valid opponent. Unlike EGCP’s arrogant and overconfident attitude, SWAT shall remain SWAT, regardless of what EGCP does from the outside. We find 2024 a great opportunity for us. CCXIII was just an aid to insight! Salutations on behalf of the Agents and the Agency!

Aubz, Moderator: I think that we have seen this pattern from SWAT often, not showing up to things even though they have talked a big game. Its unfortunately a waste of everyone’s time when they commit to showing up for a tournament and then bail. If you want to focus on your inner working of your army maybe don’t commit to a tournament. Great job to EGCP tho that was a close one!

Elsa, Templars: EGCP did awesome as always! I offer my happiness to them! As for SWAT. I’m ashamed of what they have become and how cowardly they are to not come to a tournament that they f***** signed up for!

Spotty, Head Judge: Honestly not surprised, I’m personally just fed up of armies not even bothering to inform the judges of their no show, because they’re happy to waste judging time, but want to demand judges when it suits them.

Certainly many are left wondering who will be this year’s Christmas Chaos champion after the Semi Final round is set. Despite the community seeming not satisfied with some battles being no-showed, the next round seems more promising. Who do you think will advance to the grand finals?

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