Christmas Chaos XIII: Quarter-Finals Predictions

Christmas Chaos XIII began last weekend with a tremendous battle, leaving the community to witness the next four battles this weekend. As Round Two grows near, we look at in which four armies the community places their predictions, regarding the ones that will advance to the next round.

Round Two Predictions CC

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Last weekend, Christmas Chaos XIII began with the People’s Imperial Confederation winning their battle against the Penguins of Madagascar to proceed to the quarter-finals. Therefore, four highly anticipated battles will take place this weekend, constituting the second round of the tournament. Thus, let us learn what are the community’s predictions.

Help Force vs Water Vikings

The Help Force has always been a force to be reckoned with during tournaments with their vet pool, creative tactics, and speed. HF has dominated tournaments for years and has a solid chance against the Water Vikings. At the same time, the Water Vikings are EU-based and have good speed and size giving the Vikings an equal opportunity for them to win the battle too. Both armies are facing great odds against each other, creating high anticipation for who will advance to the semi-finals. Let us see what are the community predictions for this battle.

Water Vikings in a Training Event

Izzy, Community Commitee: Tie but OT WV win. This one will be a close battle. Both HF and WV are might fighters especially during tournaments. I predict that first room will go to HF, second room is a tie due to WV picking up the pace in the battle, going head to head with HF, but due to certain common mistakes in battle (sloppy formations, covering, ect ect) the 2nd room will be a tie. Third room will consist of WV improving their performance further and pushing through, wearing down HF for a WV win in this room. Both armies will go to OT where they go into an intense and close call, ending with WV surpassing and winning OT.

RyeBread, Penguins of Madagascar: I think the Water Vikings will win! it will be a very close battle, but the Vikings will win over the judges with their immaculate tactics and flawless execution in battle.

Toxic Storm, Senior Reporter: HF is a powerful army, although WV is close, but I’ll bet on HF to take this one.

Rebel Penguin Federation vs Templars

The Rebel Penguin Federation has won many tournaments throughout the years and has kept its creativity, formations, and speed. The Rebels have been a tough army for the Templars to face, as they have typically been against each other throughout wars and tournaments. The Templars are strong through their size and speed during tournament battles. However, will they be able to match the Rebels?

RPF-TCP Predictions

Templars at their Christmas Chaos Training

Mei, Reporter in Training: In my opinion it will be RPF. I think they will be faster, cover a lot more, they might have more creative tactics and formations and I also feel that they are going to have much higher size.

Izzy, Community Commitee: 2-1 RPF win. Despite TCP being a really good opponent to face into battle, when it comes to tournaments, RPF always takes a big leap. Size wise, both will be up to par, but in terms to tactic creativity and formations, RPF will be able to come out of the top of this battle.

RyeBread, Penguins of Madagascar: Probably Rebel Penguin Federation, given their vet count, but who doesn’t know this. Templars will definitely put up a good fight, but it will all come down to the army that is cleaner and more original in their tactics. However, I would love to be proven wrong.

Toxic Storm, Senior Reporter: RPF, having the pleasure to fight with them gave me front row seats to their capabilities, so I can confidently say that they are ready to win

Army of Club Penguin vs People’s Imperial Confederation

Starting Sunday, the winners of the qualifiers round, PIC, will be up against the Army of Club Penguin. ACP has been a dominant force in the community after their Legends Cup victory over the summer. While the Clovers are strong, PIC won Beach Brawl III in August proving their strength as an S/M Army force. Both armies have high morale and plan on making it as far as possible in this year’s edition of Christmas Chaos.

ACP-PIC Predictions

ACP in a Practice Battle against HF

Mei, Reporter in Training: ACP. In my opinion both armies are great but I doubt PIC is capable of winning this one.

Izzy, Community Commitee: 3-0 ACP win. I think this one is self explanatory. PIC is really good at spacing out in formations and creative tactics, however, ACP had the upper hand in terms of size and speed, which brings to an ACP win.

RyeBread, Penguins of Madagascar: I believe that Peoples Imperial Confederation will win. They have shown many times just the sheer amount of determination the army has for tournaments like these. Facing ACP is not a walk in the park- and they know this, which is why they [probably] are grinding every hour of the day to train for the battle. This battle will truly be revolutionary. Honestly, no hate to Coolguy or Austin, but I think they gotta pick up the slack if they want a fighting chance against the People.

Toxic Storm, Senior Reporter: ACP has won two major tournaments this year, so ACP is a clear winner when it comes to this fight against an S/M army

Elite Guardians vs Special Weapons and Tactics

The Elite Guardians returned recently this year and have proven to be a dominant army once more. EGCP recently declared war on SWAT, in a move to retaliate an event raid. SWAT leadership has been working on reforming the army after the retirement of their commander, Legoman. Does the community think SWAT can manage to beat the Elite Guardians after their war?

EGCP-SWAT Predictions

Elite Guardians in a Training Session

Mei, Reporter in Training: EGCP without a doubt. Looking at SWAT recently I just don’t think they would be able to win even one room.

RyeBread, Penguins of Madagascar: The Elite Guardians will win against SWAT, they have the upper hand in size, tactics, foreign relations, experience, and overall are better in battle.

Toxic Storm, Senior Reporter: EGCPhas been dominating SWAT in their war against them, EGCP no question

Now it is time to wait and watch which armies can perform the best this weekend. Only four armies can move forward to the Semi-Finals and must put their best foot forward. Knowing the community predictions, we wait excitedly for this weekend to witness the Quarter-Finals commence. Which armies do YOU think will advance?

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